⚠️ WARNING: Never Buy A "Shopify" Course 🚨

⚠️ WARNING: Never Buy A "Shopify" Course 🚨

The REAL Reason 99% Fail Shopify:
Also, you don’t need a niche:

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I hope you understand the dangers of giving into the temptation to purchase a “Shopify” or “Drop Shipping” course. What you really need to be learning is marketing and sales.

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33 thoughts on “⚠️ WARNING: Never Buy A "Shopify" Course 🚨

  1. Key To The Kingdom

    Dude all I can say is that that video alone is worth £1,500 $1,500 price tag as it will save someone thousands of they listen carefully. You see what you just said there in regards to customer acquisition and stuff like that never gets taught, like I appreciate my own channel that you know what most of the information you can require to become an internet marketer can be found online for free and it can be found from marketers such as yourself that provides so much value that is invaluable. it will teach you the grand fundamentals in how to run your business it's just a shame that people get hung up and shiny objects and get lost in a world of guru type marketers who are just that? Great marketers who are excellent at selling👍🤛 thanks for another great video

  2. Daryl Briggs

    Worst advice you could ever give a new entrepreneur. “Trial & Error” will only cost you $$ and discouragement. You are only setting people up for failure. How would you like your doctor to say “yea, I never went to school, just gonna treat you by trial & Error”…….Go earn the money, buy a course and be efficient with your time & $$. Any business needs to be run efficiently& your going to have your fair share of problems to figure out, no sense adding needlessly to them. Everything you say one needs is spelled out in a good course plus the support structure is absolutely necessary. I’m a 20 yr business veteran. Having started companies from scratch , sold companies and jumped between industries I can tell you with absolute confidence that one needs the experience of someone that’s already done what you want to do. Do the research, Spend the money, your bank account will thank you……..

  3. eCommerce Paradise Academy

    never buy a course but then "I'm all for courses" right after that. love it. i dont agree with your title or topic but i see what you're doing to get attention and i agree with what you say that courses and mentors are a great way to shortcut your way to success. in the beginning, i didn't take a course and learned it on my own. took me 6 years before i finally decided to buy a course on drop shipping. i made about a million dollars in sales (150k in net profits) from drop shipping over those 6 years (most of which was in the last year and a half of those 6 years). 2 years later and now i am teaching it myself while i run multiple stores doing about 500k in sales per year each. just goes to show, enough time and a bit of money invested (and more time spent learning and implementing the knowledge you learned from the course/mentor) will definitely pay off. I was pissed at all the other courses out there in high ticket drop shipping so i did my course a bit different, i actually documented my process of building a high ticket drop shipping store step by step. showing everything and even providing templates and the same virtual assistants i use to build and scale my stores. all my students are talking about it like its the best course theyve taken online and im so happy people are getting so much value from it because it took me months of painstaking documentation to create. i hope your viewers choose carefully which course they decide to invest in because there is a lot of crap out there.

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