Creative Ways to Pay for College | Real Estate Investing

Creative Ways to Pay for College | Real Estate Investing

Zach Gautier oversees academic and college counseling at a Denver-area high school. He reached out to us, and proposed a show to share creative ways to fund college tuition—and blew us away with the depth of his knowledge!

This episode is for anyone who has children who have not yet graduated from college. And if you know someone else who can benefit from this information, please share it with them, too!

This show includes tips that apply to kids of every age, from elementary school to middle school to high school students.

We cover multiple ways to reduce higher education costs, such as transfer credits, AP courses, and CLEP tests, along with early college programs and dual credit options.  

We also discuss work-based scholarships and military options, as well as preparation for high school that starts in grade school.

Zach shares his advice on taking the ACTs or SATs and also ways to decide which one to take (and whether to retake if you get a low score).

This episode can help shave tens of thousands of dollars off your child’s college expenses!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Zach paid for college
  • The CLEP test
  • Systematic approach to transform college options
  • The best financial choices that somebody can make
  • Interventions that are very effective for your child to learn and figure out their love for school
  • On helicopter parenting
  • Things parents need to do when their children are pre-high school and high school age to save for college
  • 529 plans as the biggest avenue that needs to be considered
  • Brandon Turner’s approach for his child college education
  • 3 ways to fund college
  • Dual credit program
  • How much does SAT and ACT prep cost
  • How to apply scholarships
  • Two college batches when it comes their application review process
  • His perspective on brand name college
  • Things that people should be looking for in a school
  • Ways to save money on college application process
  • Other avenues to approach prior to entering college to get excess funding
  • What is a loan and a grant
  • And SO much more!

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