Dropshipping: Inside My Shopify Dashboard

Dropshipping: Inside My Shopify Dashboard

Take a look inside my dropshipping dashboard on my Shopify store.

Here’s exactly how much I make in take home, net profit:

Download my dropshipping discounts PDF at:

How I sold my first drop shipping store for $60,0000:

You can take Anton’s course to learn how to start your own store at

I hope seeing the backend of one of my dropshipping stores helps inspire you to make your own. You can see my income reports at



23 thoughts on “Dropshipping: Inside My Shopify Dashboard

  1. Julia M

    Hello Johnny thank you so much for this information :).Do you have any suppliers that you recommend?? i feel very skeptical when it comes to that hahaha.
    I was wondering if you have a podcast giving advice on dropshipping?? or perhaps you can make a video teaching us about suppliers ?? pleasee i would really appreciate it

  2. The Rural Gardener

    Johnny … just came across your video and just wanted to lend my support to your position on drop shipping. I'm from the UK and I've been in and around e-commerce since 1998 and had a small drop shipping business of my own in 2012. I had modest success (£50k in year 1) but this was consummate with the amount of effort I put in. If I'd worked harder at it I could have made more money. It really is that simple. I had a great product netting me £24 in profit per sale which I think is pretty good. I plan to start again this year and have found 2 niches that I think will work well. Anyway … keep up the good work and keep sharing.
    Appreciate it.

  3. Samuel KingDavis

    Johnny, I've just started building my store (focused on snazzy mens dress shirts and I will add some funky shoes in the mix later) but it still needs a lot of work before I launch. I've also just starting helping my artist friend Lukos Hey open a shopify store and going into business with him. Thanks for the content man. You get me pumped up! I have a new rule: No Johnny after 11pm! I won't be able to sleep now 🙂 Any I hope to shake your hand and get you a drink some day. I'll let you know when my stores start blowin' up! Keep it up. Cheers.

  4. Aida Mohd Fadil

    Hey Jonny, wanted to ask about refund items. If someone wants to refund the item, do you refund the money back to them or the Amazon sellers? And where will the item go to? Back to you or Amazon sellers? I'd appreciate if you could help me on this! Thank you. 🙂

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