How AR, IoT, Blockchain and Chatbots Redefine Customer Experience – and Other News

How AR, IoT, Blockchain and Chatbots Redefine Customer Experience – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.

Oracle CX Social Content:

  • At #ModernCX @Oracle announced several #AI-fueled features for its suite of #sales tools

  • How @NBCSports analyzes #socialmedia #data to get deeper insight into the emotional connections between sports fans and athletes #ModernCX

  • .@Oracle unveiled a series of #AI & #data science innovations to help organizations master the new science of #sales #ModernCX

  • It’s time to rethink the #CX! Discover how customers are embracing the #ExperienceEconomy #ModernCX

  • .@OracleMktgCloud releases new integrations to make its data flow #ModernCX


Oracle CX in the News:

Oracle Updates CX And Marketing Cloud, Unveils Service Logistics Cloud – Sam Del Rowe, destinationCRM, 3.20.19

Oracle Adds More AI Features To Its Suite Of Sales Tools – Ron Miller, TechCrunch, 3.19.19

Oracle Updates Cloud Applications As SaaS Sales Builds Momentum – Stephanie Condon, ZDNet, 3.19.19

Oracle Marketing Cloud Releases New Integrations To Make Its Data Flow – Allison Schiff, AdExchanger, 3.19.19

Why Your Company Needs A Data Attitude Adjustment – Shawn Myers, Multichannel Merchant, 3.18.19


Industry News:

How These Emerging Technologies- AR, IoT, Blockchain And Chatbots Redefine Customer Experience – Varun Baghat, CustomerThink, 3.20.19

  • Investing in software development services for utilizing emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT and chatbots, is key to gaining customer trust.

SXSW Called For A Deeper Reflection On The Future Of Big Tech – Chick Foxgrover, Adweek, 3.19.19

  • Regulations for major tech platforms may have positive repercussions for marketers wanting to regain control of their ecosystem and not be associated with negative content.

Examining Customer Experience Challenges In Retail Voice Technology – Ken Sutton, Retail Customer Experience, 3.19.19

How To Bring Relationships Back To CRM – Duncan Stockdill, CRM Buyer, 3.16.19

  • Utilizing the right CRM software to create a singular, complete view of the customer enables trust, respect and, ultimately, sales.

4 Tips To Maximize Your Mobile Marketing ROI – Vandita Grover, MarTech Advisor, 3.15.19


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