How to promote your PrestaShop store using domain names

How to promote your PrestaShop store using domain names

To become a seasoned marketer and successful store owner, you need to promote your PrestaShop store in a way that attracts quality traffic.

As a store owner, you are always hunting for innovative and functional ways to constantly attract new customers to your online store. In the increasingly noisy Internet namespace, a brand needs to stand out of the clutter. Believe it or not – a domain name on a new domain extension can play a HUGE role in helping you achieve this.

In this article, we take you through four ways in which you can brand your PrestaShop store with a .store domain name to drive more relevant traffic.

What are new domains?

New domains were launched in 2012 to enhance innovation, competition and consumer choice in domain names. Today there are hundreds of new domains such as .tech for technology, .fun for entertainment and .store for retail and eCommerce.

How do new domains help?

  • Keyword rich: New domains make your domain name keyword rich. For example, conveys that it is a tech business based in Mexico and deals in drones.
  • Short: With their high availability of short names, you’re likely to find your desired domain name in a new domain. The best part? Google prefers short domains. If there are two identical websites, Google’s search engine algorithm would pick the one with a shorter domain name.
  • SEO-friendly: New domains are recognised by all search engines. In fact, Google mentions in their webmasters blog that their search algorithm treats new domains the same as it does a .com.
  • Meaningful: New domain extensions add a layer of meaning to the domain name which helps build a visual story in the mind of the customer, making the domain name memorable. 

How to promote your PrestaShop store using domain names

1. Attract more traffic to your inner pages and product launch pages

One of the challenges of online store owners is to drive traffic to a specific product page on the website. Often this inner page has a long and complicated link that is difficult to put on marketing collaterals or digital banners. Domain redirects on new domain extensions such as .store can help create short and meaningful URLs that can be used instead of those long ones.

For instance, redirects the user to Amazon’s Books page:… gtld-20&linkId=8dcd9103cb1dcbbe70d789451fb2f5ee.

The example above is a fantastic depiction of how relevant and short domain names can help you direct users to your revenue generating pages on your website.

Another great example of branding and promotion did right is that of and Both the websites are owned by the airline. The .store website is its online store while the .com is their commercial website.

2. Use offline marketing to drive traffic to your store

For a business to be successful, it needs a 360-degree marketing campaign. Offline marketing needs to blend in with online traffic and a .store domain makes that significantly easy.

If you’re giving out posters or putting an ad in the local newspaper or sharing any printed marketing material for your online store–include a short, memorable .store domain name in your communication to help your customers remember the short domain name and visit your product page.

3. Use branded URL shorteners for better brand recall

Social media is extensively used to promote products and that often involves sharing links from your website. What most businesses don’t realize is that you can customize the links that you share online and brand it with your store’s name.

For example, on the left you see what the link looks like on the Jane Iredale, a leading cosmetics brand, Instagram profile. The link is long, clunky, and doesn’t communicate what it leads to. Plus, each time they want to link to a new page or product, they’ll need to change the link.

Using a branded link with a .store domain and a relevant URL slug makes for a much more appealing link that clearly communicates where it leads to and gives the flexibility of editing the destination of this link as needed. Plus, most URL shorteners also give analytics on the performance metrics of the link!

branded URL shorteners

Aside from being more personalised, branded links also hint at the content of the landing page, are easier to remember and look more credible. It is no wonder then that branded links drive up to a 34% increase in CTR!

4. Increase organic traffic through backlinks on keyword-rich domains

Contextually relevant domain names can also help a site rank better for specific keywords and the anchor text. One of the key SEO ranking factors is getting high-quality backlinks—it tells search engines that the content on your page is useful and relevant and helps your overall organic search rank. For this, the anchor text is vital.

For example, if www.[kidstoy].store is your domain name and you repeatedly get backlinks from other credible websites on the anchor text ‘kids toy’ or ‘kids toy store’, it will convey the authenticity of your website to search engines.

This way, the more backlinks you get on the relevant anchor text, the better those keywords will rank organically, thereby increasing the likelihood of bringing more relevant traffic to your website.

Summing up

With consistently increasing competition, it is important to promote your brand in a way that helps it stand out in the consumer’s mind. Using domain names creatively as mentioned in this article can add more value to not only your brand but also to your marketing strategy. Specifically, using a relevant domain extension such as .store or .tech to associate your site with your industry can be an innovative branding ploy that separates you from the masses.

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