How To Use Shopify as A Web Developer

How To Use Shopify as A Web Developer

This video is a tutorial on how to use Shopify as a web developer. When I started to use shopify, I didn’t want to use their preset manager. It didn’t offer the customisability that I was after, therefore I wanted to use HTML and CSS so that I could design the web page from scratch. This method lets you keep the store capabilities of Shopify and the customisability of programming a website yourself. It’s the best of both worlds!


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44 thoughts on “How To Use Shopify as A Web Developer

  1. cmscss

    Thanks for this, very helpful. How do you get auto-indent working with liquid in Atom? Have tried the native auto-indent and the auto-indent package, neither works with the liquid syntax package properly.

  2. RoydTrip

    great intro ! was looking for something quick for comparison purposes with other platforms, this was the best video i came across, and has the perfect amount of content..most other videos are either too long with lots of useless talk, or too short! keep it up 🔥

  3. drianapunk

    "Let's search for search… heh that's kinda meta" – that made me chuckle
    Great introduction to Shopify for devs, it clarified some of the questions I have as I'm considering Shopify for a particular project. Thanks a lot and good luck with your business!

  4. Krasimir Kolev

    Firstly, great video! Was very helpful.
    Could you help me with a question please.
    When you are setting a new project after you are finished with the current one,
    do you have to make a new folder and downloading and setting the passwords again
    or you can just switch to your new id and download to the same place. Are there going
    to be a conflicts or something?
    Thank you in advance!

  5. Gloria Cho

    Thank you, this was a super helpful overview in understanding the basics of how to customize Shopify! Do you have any rec's for other tutorials? I'm looking for resources to make custom themes since so many front-end positions in the NYC area ask for Shopify.

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