Never Wait at the Post Office Again! – E-commerce Shipping Basics

Never Wait at the Post Office Again! – E-commerce Shipping Basics

Waiting in line at the post office will drive you CRAZY. Trust me! Here are my quick tips on how I ship my Etsy, Shopify, wholesale and international orders with ease. These are the tools and products I use to ship my e-commerce orders on a daily basis.


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28 thoughts on “Never Wait at the Post Office Again! – E-commerce Shipping Basics

  1. Mali Symphony

    Hi I am from Cambodia and I am new to Etsy. I have no idea how to ship my products to my customer(worldwide) and I have question do I have to find my way to ship or Etsy will do the work ?As i was saying I am so new to Etsy. I am hoping to understand this system please help.

  2. DennisKyng

    OMG.. Regular printing paper!! 😆 I did that a few times and then found out about adhesive labels on Amazon after thinking there had to be an easier way… 😂 Bought 200 for $8.. Well worth it. Just upgraded to a inkiness printer though. tested it on a few orders and loving it so far.. 🤘😎

  3. Amy

    I feel the same way about the printer friendly self adhesive labels. I don't know how many labels I taped before purchasing these. I bought some tables on Amazon for $.06 each and just love it. I don't need them for most of my orders, but when I do, I'm so glad I have them. I feel like I've moved up in the world. 🙂

  4. Karen Ryan

    This was very helpful. I have always wondered about Shipstation. Will have to check it out. The one thing I don't like about Etsy shipping labels is having to each and every time type in the dimensions. My dimensions are always the same, so Shipstation sounds good to me for that alone.

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