The ‘C’ in Customer Experience Means Consistency – and Other News

The ‘C’ in Customer Experience Means Consistency – and Other News

Enjoy our weekly roundup of top news stories across the Customer Experience (CX) landscape.


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Oracle CX in the News:

The ‘C’ in Customer Experience (CX) Means Consistency – Sudipto Ghosh, MarTechSeries, 3.12.19

  • Sudipto Ghosh highlights that customers are interested in the overall experience, not just buying products. Ghosh notes Oracle’s upcoming Modern Customer Experience 2019 and how attendees can learn how to build a truly seamless CX.


Industry News:

Tech Is Transforming the Role of CMO. Here Are 20 Execs Driving the Innovation – David Gianatasio, Adweek, 3.11.19

  • These days, if you’re going to successfully market goods or services to digitally savvy consumers, you better be skilled at using the latest technologies and hippest channels to forge meaningful messages that delight and inspire.


Webinar World Showcases Expanding Effect Of Digital Experiences & Engagement Tactics – Andrew Gaffney, Demand Gen Report, March 13, 2019

  • More than 600 attendees gathered in San Francisco this week for the third annual Webinar World conference. The event demonstrated that the evolution of online events is having a fundamental influence on overall content and marketing strategies.


Martech in 2020: Agility, operations and decisioning are vital to success – Anand Thacker, MarTech Today, 3.13.19

  • To win in the next few years, attracting top talent, collaboration and Intelligence to leverage the martech stack will be vital for success. Empowering people will elevate brands.

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