$31,668 With ONE Product – Step By Step Shopify Tutorial!

$31,668 With ONE Product – Step By Step Shopify Tutorial!

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In today’s in-depth tutorial I show how to take a one product store from zero and make multiple five figures in sales in Shopify dropshipping.

The eCom Project is a show for E-Commerce entrepreneurs on how to launch, improve and scale their businesses. My experience with E-Commerce comes from running my own 6-figure brand and working with dozens of 5-, 6- and 7-figure clients in the past.



21 thoughts on “$31,668 With ONE Product – Step By Step Shopify Tutorial!

  1. Strainless gaming

    Hey I'm 18 and wanted to get into this business for about 2 years im now working at dominos to get me the money to start it up and but myself a motherboard for my pc. If you have any tips or could help that would mean so much i just wanna do it right. Thank you

  2. Pochik

    I entered your giveaway 😀 I'm an illustrator and I make a living selling stationery and gift items with my designs on. I've had a tonne of success on Etsy but now I'm trying to branch out onto my own website and it's a little overwhelming! Your videos have given me lots of good ideas to try. Now if only I could figure out why my google ad campaigns keep abruptly stopping…. Haha. have a nice day! ‹3

  3. Sandeep Bhandari

    bro i m literally following your advices. smart shopping campaign is taking care of everything. launched FB DPA ads today. Next step is FB LAA ads and then growing my IG. oof lot of stuff to do. my backend skills are so poor. never able to recover carts. a call with you will make me start killing it. i have experience in website codes so i understand lot of technical stuff too and i m from computer engineering background. a call with u will benefit a lot.

  4. Danny Kamhaji

    Hey Marco! Nice video man. Much appreciated! I have a store currently using Facebook and google shopping campaigns im getting consistent sales and working on our store brand. I would really love to be a winner and have the opportunity to have a session with you regarding how to realize our goal of 1k per day 🙂 cheers!

  5. MA AS

    marco are you still running the smart shopping or manual campaign on your own money maker store??
    please tell me, coz smart ads is giving me shit result one day than good result the next. its fluctuating. the good thing is i dont have to monitor it and remove negative keywords and separate campaigns, but i feel like i had way more control with manual ads and easier to scale a specific product, when i try to scale with smart camp, it starts selling items that usually never used to get sales with manual campaign, so instead of spending it on that very good winner it spreads it even to try and build more winners i guess.
    also ive noticed that with smart campaign is bids for users who tend to buy more than one item of the same product, like they buy 2 or 3 of the same product lol so weird.. also my click are way way down, with a budget of 100 dollars daily im getting like 500 clicks a day.

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