$991 IN 14 HOURS HERES WHAT I DID (Steps) – Shopify Dropshipping

$991 IN 14 HOURS HERES WHAT I DID (Steps) – Shopify Dropshipping

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22 thoughts on “$991 IN 14 HOURS HERES WHAT I DID (Steps) – Shopify Dropshipping

  1. 스토리9

    Hi, I am constantly watching your video and studying. It's been about 40 days since we started "Shopify." And i spent 1,200 dollars on Facebook advertising, but i couldn't sell any. Everyone canceled the payment. I don't know why. I live in Korea and I set up a payment system in Korea.

    Only "paypal" is possible. Is this a problem? I really want to get an answer from you.

  2. cindy rhodes

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  3. cindy rhodes

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