Adding a Pinterest "Save" or "Pin It" Button to your Shopify Store & Products

Adding a Pinterest "Save" or "Pin It" Button to your Shopify Store & Products

In this video tutorial we go over how to quickly add a “Pin It” or “Save” Pinterest button that shows up on your site when you hover over an image.

Adding in this code allows your website viewers to directly save an image from your site along with it’s name and link to one of their Pinterest boards.

The code I place in the video that you need to paste to your site can be found here:

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37 thoughts on “Adding a Pinterest "Save" or "Pin It" Button to your Shopify Store & Products

  1. Jacki Caputo

    Hello! I followed the directions and the pin option is only popping up when you are in a specific product. It doesn't show up when you are on the catalog page, or the home page. Very odd. It does work when you are in a product though, which is better than nothing! Any ideas on what the problem may be? Thanks!

  2. James C

    It worked for a second then stopped working. Then I added the code to the bottom of the product.liquid file instead of in the "theme.liquid". I'm using the minimal theme btw, and now it's working perfectly. In any case, thanks for the excellent tutorial!

  3. Kaleigh Longmire

    This was SO easy! I'm only barely familiar with "coding" and only because of my Shopify apps and copying/pasting. After looking through a few websites to try & figure this out, I'm so glad I stumbled across this video, because that was so simple! Thank you!!

  4. Stuart Joseph

    Another great video, L! I am fascinated and I'm going through them 1 by 1 tyrion I want to know if it's better to add the plain pinterest button to the products as in this video, or the pinterest button that becomes a sales button as in your other video? Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

  5. Leonita Yncierto

    hi can you show me please where can I insert the pinterest html code on follow me on my pinterest board. I just started and my boards hasveno follow buttons and save buttons. I find the instructions not user friendly and some tutorials are not touching on this area. Its difficult to go to html of pinterest because there is no template and I dont know where is the boards. I need your help when I saw your video. Thank you.

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