Adding an Online Store and Accepting Payments in Wix – Wix My Website – Updated

Adding an Online Store and Accepting Payments in Wix – Wix My Website – Updated

Weekly Wix Tips-
Adding an online store and payment types in Wix has just become a whole lot simpler. You can easily create a functional well-designed online store in Wix. On top of that they offer several different payment methods. The new Wix Stores app is very convenient and easy to use.
Topics Covered:
-Adding Wix Stores (adding an online store)
-Managing your store pages
-Managing your store
-Adding payment methods
-Adding products
-Adding coupons
-Adding collections
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This is a new podcast I will be starting that teaches all about the best apps to take advantage of on Wix, I will have a feature that will allow you to ask questions that I will answer on air, and we will discuss anything and everything Wix and web design.




41 thoughts on “Adding an Online Store and Accepting Payments in Wix – Wix My Website – Updated

  1. Learn Holistic English

    Hi, Gilbert. Thank you very much for your very helpful video. I have this problem with anchors and haven't found anywhere on Wix the information I need. How can I insert anchors in a blog post to act as anchor tags to be related to text in other pages? Basically, I want a word in the page Recipes to be linked to a particular section in a blog post (different page), which contains a certain recipe. Is it doable with Wix? So far I haven't managed to add an anchor inside a blog post. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  2. Video man

    I don't have a Wix store. I offer a service. People upload a photo and I give the price on restoring it. It's a photo restoration site, not a store. I would like to add a payment method but not pay-pal because a lot of people are uncountable with it. Can I just add a credit card button?

  3. Anum Abdul Aziz

    I've had my six account for over a year and excluding my laziness I have procrastinated the part where all the 3 options come on after you press credit cards for the setup. it gives you 3 option and I never know which one to pick or how to determine which one is better than the other. PLEASE HELP!

  4. Owen

    When they buy a shirt through the website, how do they get the shirt? I made shirts on teespring, and I made a website on wix with the link to teespring on every item to purchase them. Is there an easier way?

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