BEST FREE SHOPIFY THEMES: Top 3 Shopify Themes For Dropshipping (2019)

BEST FREE SHOPIFY THEMES: Top 3 Shopify Themes For Dropshipping (2019)

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In todays video I break down the best free shopify themes for 2019! I take a look at 3 of the best themes for beginners to get started on their shopify dropshipping business.

I give you two free recommendations for both one product dropshipping stores and general dropshipping stores as well as a more premium option.

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8 thoughts on “BEST FREE SHOPIFY THEMES: Top 3 Shopify Themes For Dropshipping (2019)

  1. Surfingkitty Orders

    Great video as always James, I have a question can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I'm based in the UK and I'm about to start a new dropshipping store I want to sell worldwide so what default store currency do you think I should use? GBP would mean less conversion fees but USD is what most people are used to seeing. I would really appreciate it if you could help thanks!

  2. Blake Wolfson

    Nice video man. Just wondering, if you use the 1 product theme you showed in the video, can you also have product upsellsin the backend if you use a 3rd party app like Vitals, or because it's a one product store you can't add any upsells? Thanks in advance.

  3. Ali Naqvi

    Hey James, I see you were telling about Hack. But most people use the Shop Now button. And a lot of ads doesn’t have links in the Shop Now Button, they use it only in description so I don’t think it is best to judge the product or video ad by If it has a link even in Shop Now button then it will work.

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