ClickFunnels Physical Product Sales Funnel (Step-By-Step Walk Through for Beginners)

ClickFunnels Physical Product Sales Funnel (Step-By-Step Walk Through for Beginners)

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Step 2) Follow the Video Above (Step-by-Step)
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In this video, we go over the steps to set up a Free + Shipping Funnel with ClickFunnels.

I tried to cover every aspect of the funnel. If it’s not covered here, then there’s a link below to a video explaining that step.

Canva Banner Link:

“How to Install Facebook Pixel In ClickFunnels” Video Link:

“How to Setup Favicons and SEO Tags in ClickFunnels” Video Link:

5:50 Sub Domain Explanation Link

6:50 FB Pixel Installation Link

14:00 View Content FB Pixel Link

16:45 Billing Integration Link

17:25 Setting up shipstation integration

17:52 How to create canva banner

27:47 CF ProTools



39 thoughts on “ClickFunnels Physical Product Sales Funnel (Step-By-Step Walk Through for Beginners)

  1. Kashlo1

    I’m a little late to the game here , but was hoping Chris, or someone could answer if click funnels work for a business such as ours that sells longboards . Multiple longboards . I’m not selling training, so is this the future for us , or wrong product and keep my website ?

  2. Karl Wertanen

    I was wondering if there is a good link for the CF Protools website where we get that "Order Confirmation Page FB Pixel". The link you have listed above takes us to their LP for enrolling in Funnel University. Thanks Chris! Appreciate you!

  3. Meyer Lansky

    Hey Chris, i found this video out of, tried to download the free funnel, i put in my information and i did not get any email, its been almost all day, is it because you choose to go the paying route now or are just not promoting your funnel anymore?

  4. Ibrahim Sadiq

    in the product upsell page when the user clicks yes i want the upsell then a pop up shows up, how can i edit that pop-up. I cannot edit that in pop-up settings.

    Also if the user says no, then it does not do anything?

    On the thank you page the values are not automatically updated.

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