Custom Page Subset of Collections Shopify Tutorial Supply Theme

Custom Page Subset of Collections Shopify Tutorial Supply Theme This tutorial uses the Supply Theme to create a Subset of Collection on a page in Shopify, but the principle will work on other themes. You can use existing code within the theme with minor changes for your custom page. The code changes should only take a few minutes. Here is a step by step along with code required



13 thoughts on “Custom Page Subset of Collections Shopify Tutorial Supply Theme

  1. Caz

    Hi. Thanks for the video – it's brilliant and well explained. Just wondering if it is possible to create a collection from a collection (ie if you have a page with necklaces & bracelets; can you click on the necklace image and land on another collection page with gold necklaces, silver necklaces, beaded necklaces)?

  2. Sameer Mahmood

    Hey Kevin, I followed this and it worked except for two problems

    1. Images show up for the collections when I select list layout, but now grid layout
    2. It won't organize in columns. It only shows them in one collection per row centered.
    Any ideas?

  3. Liroy

    Hey there Kevin…i went step by step through your video and i got stuck at the Section Part.
    i did copy&paste changed the name as is in your video but when im trying to save. i got an error massege…."Error: Invalid JSON in tag 'schema'"
    dunno exacly what i did or doing wrong can you help me?

  4. Alex Brickman

    I've been watching your tutorials for weeks to get familiar with Shopify. Your videos are great. That being said, I can't get a single one of your tutorials to work with my tubro-florence theme. Each page and link are created, but end up completely blank. Weird right? Back to the drawing board…

  5. Mark Hudman

    Hi Kevin, I have been trying to get this to work on the Venture theme and have got the template and sections showing in the customise options, but the collections are not showing on the page and when I click on the [Add collection] option nothing happens? I am sure I am missing something basic but can't see where I have gone wrong.

  6. Joey

    Hi Kevin King, thanks a lot for all these wonderful tutorials l!! Any chance you can make a tutorial on how to ensure the product's picture and title text that are longer than 1 line to be centrally align for Supply Theme(the product names and pictures are not level)? Thanks again!

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