DAY 1 | Shopify $0-$1000 Challenge | Step-by-Step Casestudy 🤑

DAY 1 | Shopify $0-$1000 Challenge | Step-by-Step Casestudy 🤑

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*Background Story…. 9 Years ago, I started my first com store and started selling physical products with Facebook ads. Now days Im chilling in Thailand, living my dream of a freedom lifestyle. This Channel is a easy way for me to show people what I’m doing and how they can do similar . I have no intention of coaching, so don’t ask. This is a passion project, that I’m just doing for fun. Also I have a free shopify fulfillment app, and would love if you installed it. Hope you enjoy. 😃

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21 thoughts on “DAY 1 | Shopify $0-$1000 Challenge | Step-by-Step Casestudy 🤑

  1. Cory Hart

    Hi Nate, Thanks for the videos. I have been working through the videos and went to your channel/playlists, but am unclear what sequence to follow. This video uses some references I am not familiar with, so I think I may have guessed wrong on which playlists to do in what order to be really thorough and get all of your great content. Can you advise? THanks!

  2. Garrett

    When you add the link in the PPE ad you say it really doesn’t matter what the link is. Are you sending them to the product if they actually click the link? You mentioned not putting the design on the store front until you know it’s a winner. Where does the link take the potential customer to?!

  3. Veritas

    These are my favorite videos from you of showing it over the shoulder and showing us the testing process. I go back to your earlier videos of you doing this all of the time basically for motivation and to make me feel better for not finding a winner yet haha. Can’t get more than 4 sales on a single adset 🙁 not gonna give up though.

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