DON'T START YOUR SHOPIFY STORE UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS! | Shopify Checklist the 7 step process!

DON'T START YOUR SHOPIFY STORE UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS! | Shopify Checklist the 7 step process!

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19 thoughts on “DON'T START YOUR SHOPIFY STORE UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS! | Shopify Checklist the 7 step process!

  1. Amber Fowler

    Hi Amber! So, I’ve been watching your videos and have managed to build a store on my own πŸ˜€. Unfortunately, I feel stuck in the final stages before launching. Probably analysis paralysis but I think I have a great concept and just want to do it right the first time. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I don’t have a whole lot to invest in coaching but will definitely break as much bread as I possibly can for the right guidance.

  2. asd memo

    Can you help me?
    If I start shopify with general store to test products etc, isn't it weird if I put necklace and maybe kitchen tools?! Or should I change and test maybe 5 products in one time, and in one category, or how?!
    O know if I find good product I will build niche store around it.

  3. Sonya Michelle Fletcher

    Great video Amber. Someone referred me to your channel. I'm brand new to the world of drop shipping. I'm looking to learn from the best with no fluff and getting the right info.

    I'm looking to make 6-figures in my Pjs, Lol…no but for real is that possible?

    Where do you recommend I start first as a newbie? I know you mention product research, but where should I look to find trending products?

    Also, what is the normal start up cost involved?

    I read online somewhere that you can build a drop shipping business without having to use FB ads, etc is that true?

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