DROP SHIPPING BLUEPRINT (+ Advanced Drop Shipping Class Curriculum)

DROP SHIPPING BLUEPRINT (+ Advanced Drop Shipping Class Curriculum)

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Just a couple more days to go until I take new students and open the doors to my ‘Advanced Drop Shipping Class’ training and mastermind.

This is the final video in my 3-part video series.

In this video I’ll show you the exact steps you should take to launch, promote and scale up your drop shipping store. And I also give you a sneak peak of what you’ll get as a student of my upcoming class.

Here are the 6 steps:

1) Create a winning mindset
2) Set up a general store to test products
3) Select a niche and backwards engineer products
4) Use advertising to test products, get sales and scale up
5) Use influencer marketing to make more sales and scale up
6) Use affiliate marketing to make even more sales and scale up

In the video I discuss all six steps so make sure you watch it.

Right now there are over 2,141 people on the early-bird waiting list. If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you take care of that now:

Super excited to open registration Sunday night for all early birds and then open the doors to the public on Monday, 13th of February. This is going to be my best program so far, and I can’t wait to get started.




41 thoughts on “DROP SHIPPING BLUEPRINT (+ Advanced Drop Shipping Class Curriculum)

  1. Josh Chilinski

    Hi Till,

    I've been watching all of your videos like crazy as I'm doing as much research as I can before I begin delving into the dropshipping world. Just curious with regards to this 3-part series since they aren't labeled 1,2 and 3. What are the links to the first two videos in the series?

    Thank you!

  2. Zay Regi

    Thank you Till, unfortunately there is not much information about dropshiping in Spanish, do you think that a inbound strategy to complement my ecommerce will be good? I'll be waiting your next course of dropshiping.

  3. Mister Kent

    Hello, your videos are really nice man ! Its gave me motivation to continue my business, I started dropshipping more than one moth ago, i spent in facebook ads, and tried severals products, with no results. However, Few days ago i selled for 250 € in one week through my website by selling only iphone cases. Now I'm testing others products, i hope i will continue to sell ! Thank you for your videos and good luck bro !

  4. Vex T

    When I saw a recent FB group post by an moron writing about Till being a newbie guru trying to scam I laughed and commented,"And what have you've offered in quality content that can match to what Till has done for many years now?!" Still no response yet, but I'll post the jealous hater's comment if he does… if ever haha.

    Thanks Till, keep doing what you do man!

  5. Patrick Kane

    Hey Till, 2 things real quick, I have your 1hr Fast Drop Shipping Course, I'm assuming this new course will be much deeper in depth given the price and the Members site? Also, maybe I missed it b'cuz I thought I heard it somewhere in your videos, you will be going over drop shipping in other countries and details on that as well? thx….Patrick

  6. Tok81414

    hi Till
    Sorry this might come to u as a bumb question. How will u be deliver the class ? is it through web chat type of thing ? or its a class u can physically sit in it ? also if its like a web chat do u need some fancy computer or any laptop will do ? sorry am not very tech and am hoping i can make it in your class. my name is already on the waiting list.

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