Drop-Shipping With Shopify in 2019…(A Beginner's Story)

Drop-Shipping With Shopify in 2019…(A Beginner's Story)

What I Learned Drop-Shipping With Shopify…

What’s Up Guy’s In this video I explain My personal experience with Shopify in 2019. If you are not aware…Last week I decided to go on a week-long experiment where I dive into drop shipping with Shopify. AS A BEGINNER in this Industry I felt like my experience would be quite valuable. The challenge was to see how successful I can be starting up a BRAND NEW Online business. It has always been obvious to me that anything worth starting takes time and effort to master. This is a clear example of just that! Anyways Enjoy The video…dont forget to leave a like and SUBSCRIBE…also Hit the notification bell for more Shopify related videos. as well as anything to do with online business and e-commerce In this new year!

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50 thoughts on “Drop-Shipping With Shopify in 2019…(A Beginner's Story)

  1. Antonio Luiz

    From my experience, it’s not easy to do drop shipping with Shopify. You need to SPEND to get result. I did not make any sales until 3 weeks later I made two sales. I wanted to delete my website but something tells me to continue. Days later, I received my paycheck from regular job and decided to risk $800 0n instagram and Facebook ad. Then boom, 2 days later I made 8k on sales. My advice is that don’t give up. If you want to get result, spend little money on ad then whatever you get as a profit spend it AGAIN, over and over on ad until your numbers grow. It ain’t easy but sometimes you gatta lose money to gain money. Don’t give up. I am happy to today say that today, I am sitting at home making 5k per week. Good luck bro, never give up

  2. Harlen Peirce

    Hey, thanks man. Thank you for coming from a realistic perspective, opposed to others …"greedy approach." Always nice to see a brotha keeping it real. You got a subscriber and a fan in me. Once again thanks and peace, man.

  3. Anthony Fackler

    Loved the video!
    I started dropshipping (or trying to dropship…) back in 2017 using the Shopify/AliExpress model.

    After about 6 months of no return I gave up for a month or two, came back with a different mindset (of doing things a little differently and not necessarily following all of these "gurus" advice), and I cleared my first $1,000 profit month last July without spending money on advertising or Instagram shoutouts. I leveraged an instagram audience and created a huge referral program within the community. Sadly I had to shut the store down for personal reasons, but I saved some of the screenshots because I like to brag about it to friends lmao.

    BUT I'm still dropshipping with other stores and niches. I clear about $800 a month profit without pushing it which pays for my bills and some extra, then for full-time income I design professional Shopify sites for clients (for regular ecomm and dropshipping both) and not those spammy countdown-timer ones either.

    As of a couple of days ago I built the 70th site for my 40th client.


  4. RJ Silvers

    Gotta spend money to make money. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they think they can earn good results for little or free. Nope. Business is business. You have to juggle money to make stuff flow.

    Also, dropshipping has basically been done since humans first started traded. Buying for low and selling for higher happens all the time. It takes a second to import a product to your store and set a price. The REAL work is marketing (making videos, writing ad copy, designing a website, making things professional and keeping up with your expenses). You have to become a digital salesman! Most people don't have that salesman mentality or even understand it. Perseverance!

  5. Itz Diabolic

    Does anybody have any tips for me? I’ve been wanting to start dropshipping on shopify. I’ve been studying this for almost 6 months now, I know a bit about Facebook ads but it’s just overwhelming for me to just start. What should I do?

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