Ecommerce – Finding Winning Products to Sell

Ecommerce – Finding Winning Products to Sell

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24 thoughts on “Ecommerce – Finding Winning Products to Sell

  1. I Am

    Ok Lindsay, I'm coming in with the dumb question; when I pick my merchandise from Oberlo do I have to pay any up front fees or do I pick the item, change the price and wait for a sell? Also, with printful; do I design the item, pay for the item and then wait for a sell in my store? How exactly does the process work. Lisa

  2. Philipp Schlicher

    Hello 🙂
    I just started with ecommerce a few weeks ago … watched videos etc. Now i got some questions before starting and spending money …. hope someone can help me out.
    What are your initial ads on facebook ? And how much do you spend ? 
    I've already found a winning product like you showed in your video here …. Now its time to spend money for ads and find the right interestgroups which is really hard i think :/

  3. Miadous

    I tried my 1st shopify store last month selling a specific dog breed necklace and ring, but no sales. I targeted highly liked facebook fan pages of the breed and rescue pages, but no sales after 3000 people reached after 5 days. I was running 2 ads both WC $5 per day budget set. Do you recommend started with PPE to get it reaching more people then run a separate WC for the product? I have another niche picked out and logo should be ready tomorrow then I'll try again. Maybe I messed up somewhere on the 1st try. My ads offered 10% off and free shipping. Maybe I should try Free + shipping. I'd lose my mind if I could just hit $50 per day lol.

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