Eric Weinstein Interview (Full Episode) | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

Eric Weinstein Interview (Full Episode) | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

My guest this episode is my friend, Eric Weinstein (@ericrweinstein), managing director of Thiel Capital, a Ph.D in mathematical physics from Harvard, and a research fellow at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University. We recorded at my house after Eric emailed me this question: “Wanna try a podcast on… psychedelics, theories of everything, and the need to destroy education in order to save it?”

He’s brilliant and hilarious. If you enjoyed my podcasts with Derek Sivers or Sam Harris, you’ll love this one.

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Eric Weinstein on Challenging “Reality,” Working with Peter Thiel, and Destroying Education to Save It
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23 thoughts on “Eric Weinstein Interview (Full Episode) | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)

  1. Magenta —

    I’d like to hear more hard content from Eric Weinstein in this format, eg explain his solutions for social adjustment more fully for a lay audience. What are his key ideas? Most EW interviews have too much ‘oh gee you’re a nice guy and you play music’

  2. Merton Futon

    Bigoteer was an OK suggestion but doesn't evolve then condemn it being specifically lazy and willfully dishonest to make mob-pleasing grotesque or low fidelity caricatures of the real people.

    I bet a classically trained linguist could quickly figure out some candidates.

  3. Borbali

    20:28 If you raise the number two for twice the frequency, which gives us octave to the nineteenth power; and then take the twelveth root thereof, it's almost equal to three, and that weird numerical accident is what makes it possible to both have extremely beautiful intervals, but also have them so regular that you can make cords.

    I'm sorry, what?

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