Facebook Ad Funnel Formula for 2019

Facebook Ad Funnel Formula for 2019

Most businesses try and fail at Facebook advertising because they skip major steps. But I’ll show you my ‘Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel Formula’ which allows you to turn ice cold Facebook traffic into hot leads, and paying customers. Do it THIS way, and I guarantee you’ll lower your ad spend, and finally be successful at Facebook advertising.


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36 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Funnel Formula for 2019

  1. Teddy Chong

    Hi Wes I'm new to this. I'm in a pie delivery business and I have been only giving offers and I think it's not healthy in the long run. What do you suggest that I do so that more people are aware of my brand and subsequently I can push offers to this new group of people and make them my new customers. Hope you can share your thoughts. Thanks.

  2. Veronika Gyenes

    Great video with clearly defined steps. I was just wondering whether it makes sense to skip the content ad for a local cosmetic tattoo artist business. Would it be right to assume that a value offer to draw in cold audiences would be more effective in this case, i.e. 50 coupons available (scarcity) that give you 10% off when you book (first time clients only)? Would the objective still be traffic? Thanks a ton for your advice!

  3. Eleanor Conway

    Hey Wes, super informative, I'm a comedian going on tour to 20 different cities. I have a small budget 50 gbp for each location, should I be running ads per location [less money] or funnelling all budget into one, warm up audience with some fun content [all locations] and then trying to convert into ticket sales after?

  4. Tomislav Miletić

    Great video! I like how you show the steps, not talk nonsense for 5 minutes like 99% of other people that "teach". Ok so, my question is about Fb power editor and number of accounts. I had 1000 account limit, but now it came back to 10. And all 10 are occupied. So i can not add more. So how do i go about doing work for a new client? Can he add me in his business manager account so i set up all the pixels and ads? I ask that because clients find this step confusing…thanks 🙂

  5. Raden

    Thanks for the content ma!! Question, I’ve heard that when starting a campaign the objective should be closest to what your goal is. As for me it’s leads.. I’m working with a dental client on a free trial and deciding if I should go straight conversion for leads or view content vs straight traffic since I gotta show results right away on this trial. There’s been a huge debate on pixel seasoning as it not existing. Thoughts and Advice would be great!

  6. Elin Sophia

    I really like your videos. You are great at explaining, you seem calm and confident and offer great value. And thank you for not having a long glossy intro where we see you in a luxury car or on a yacht with an expensive watch on! (plenty of those on Youtube already). I wish you had a Facebook ad course!

  7. DR WX

    Hey, recently ive been looking into facebook advertising and im abit confused. Lets say i make an ad for a company, then i make an ad with good targeting. What i dont understand is what the landing page has to be. Do i make the landing page? Or is it made by the company? Is it a product made by me on the landing page? Seem like i dont get this at all. Pls help 🙂

  8. Chris Slayer

    Thanks for the valuable content 👍
    You mention to aim for 1-2 mil audience, unless we’re a local business. I am a local business? It’s a salon, what should be a good practical # of audience? I’m in a smaller city, if that helps.

  9. Eldon Mirjah

    I like the offer with a page with a countdown clock idea, but I don't think there is a way to tell fb not to show them that again if clicked right? Would be a little bogus to give them an offer that ends in 20 mins and they click, don't buy and see it the next day lol…

  10. High Diamond

    Hi! Thank you for the video! Tell me why you take people to the site in the first step? After all, for example, you can start a video with the same information as on the blog, and then launch your offer on people who have watched more than 10-30-50% of the video. In theory, watching videos is much cheaper than clicking on a site. Or are video views not as relevant as site clicks?

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