Facebook Ads Beginner to Advanced 2019 – Step By Step Shopify Facebook Ads Tutorial

Facebook Ads Beginner to Advanced 2019 – Step By Step Shopify Facebook Ads Tutorial

Step By Step Tutorial Taking You From Beginner to Expert in Facebook Ads For Shopify In 2019!

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This video is a step by step tutorial on how to run facebook ads for your Shopify dropshipping store in 2019. I talk about my facebook ads strategy as well as go over what parts of facebook ads people should know for shopify dropshipping. Whether or not you’re a beginner or an expert/advanced on Facebook ads, you should find this step by step facebook ads tutorial helpful.

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14 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Beginner to Advanced 2019 – Step By Step Shopify Facebook Ads Tutorial

  1. David Munoz

    Zuk…. Thanks for the you look like over the shoulder demo and going through custom audiences and look like audiences, helpful.

    One thing I wasn't clear on you said to do four ads, are you actually creating four separate video ads, or just modifying the first couple seconds of the ad to get a different intro but keep the same ad, or just using the same ad for times? Thanks

  2. Lee Munson

    Just came across your channel and have been watching all your vids, serious value, straight to the point, no bs, no fluff. Exactly how it should be done. Keep up the content your channel will be blowing up in no time.

  3. Brandon Lee

    For beginners is $15 a good idea? I started with $5 a day 10 ad sets and didn't get any sells. I let them run for 48 hours and eventually killed the campaign. Overall lost a lot of money. Couldn't imagine if my budget was $15. What is your suggestion?

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