Google Shopping Campaigns (Product Listing Ads) Tutorial – Shopify

Google Shopping Campaigns (Product Listing Ads) Tutorial – Shopify


My first successful Shopify store was successful because instead of using audience targeting based traffic such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Influencers, I used buyer intent traffic such as Google & Bing. This video is the fourth video in my Google Shopping tutorial series. I show you how to setup two Google Shopping Campaigns ( product listing ads )


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35 thoughts on “Google Shopping Campaigns (Product Listing Ads) Tutorial – Shopify

  1. George Texstel

    Google still won't show ads for real bargains. I can show a $1000 item for 900, but they will ignore a $400 item for 300. IS GOOGLE HELPING YOU SHOP EFFICIENTLY? Hell, no. Greedy assholes that used to make research efficient are now just SUCK SUCK SUCK those pennies

  2. ecomm biz

    Hey Ebenezer, what are your thoughts on smart shopping campaigns? Seems google is pushing it pretty hard, theyre probably getting commissions on it with youtube and other platforms. Is it worth it to test it out or no? Also are you on any other platforms than youtube (like facebook groups/reddit forums) to talk easier?

  3. How to guide tips and tricks

    Hi Bro, Could you advice to me or do you have some video to advice me for add "Keyword"?
    Once I click onto "keyword bottom" on the left side of menu then I found only "Negative keywords" and "Search items". There is no "Keyword" for add to my campaigns, I don't know why?. Is there something wrong?, Thanks

  4. Business Capitalist

    Hey Frim, one of the best video tutorial on google shopping campaign bro!! Should have watched this video like mths ago, have wasted hundreds on facebook ads and google shopping and no sales…
    Love your strategies and video, hope i will have success after watching your vids

  5. freebizzz

    Hi, my campaign is running but I messed up on my shipping settings inside merchant center. Should I delete the campaign and change the shipping setting on my merchant center then create a brand new campaign again? Please help me on this. Thanks

  6. David Cinchwear

    Hey Ebenezer, love this video and it makes the process of setting this up clear and straight forward. I have a couple of quick questions. 1). Where's your video of setting up your Shopify store to Google Shopping? I have a code for the $100. already in an email. I like to watch your first video on setting that up. 2). Do you use keyword long tail and everything else there is to make things work as they should be? In order to target for product needs in Google for sales?

  7. Tough Safes

    Can you go into how to target your shopping campaigns towards more niche keywords? Is it only through negative keywords? I would like to stop showing up for broad keywords as they don't convert well and use up my budget

  8. Danny Kamhaji

    Hey there! Good looking out on your fantastic videos! Lots of value for sure. I have been following your google shopping merchant account vids and im almost ready to get my Shopify store up on google shopping. One main question i have for you is when i type any random product keyword to check how they come out on the google shopping bar its always ruled by Amazon ebay Overstock and the likes. How do we compete with those ads to get ours ranked before theirs. Thanks!

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