Here's A Newbie Affiliate Marketing Mistake To Avoid

Here's A Newbie Affiliate Marketing Mistake To Avoid

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Week 3 of selling affiliate products through affiliate marketing on Shopify. From viewer comments and a response from the affiliate network, I’ve learnt why I wasn’t accepted to the affiliate networks that I’ve previously applied for.

I now need to push forward with building a Shopify store with affiliate products so that the affiliate networks can properly investigate my content.

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Minimal theme that I’m using for my Shopify store:

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9 thoughts on “Here's A Newbie Affiliate Marketing Mistake To Avoid

  1. Michael Cavanaugh

    I hear ya – lots to do — you will win and so will I. Great info – at least a blog or something with traffic first. No gurus tell you that! Or how about how to order 10k of orders from ali for a poor person starting out…cannot buy, cannot fulfil

  2. Royston Gold

    Hi mate thank you for your video's. I would like to do the Internet jet set course but when I go to buy it says that I will be locked into paying monthly. Do you know how to get round this as I only want the basic beginners course. Take care Royston.

  3. toddler nations

    Thanks for the vid.
    Will you be setting up the store as well as a blog, I'm doing both, so potential customers can browse other products in my store. Lets say you're using Amazon, do you link from the blog internally to the affiliate product, or send from the blog directly to Amazon ?

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