How to add a wholesale area to your Shopify store (free, no app)

How to add a wholesale area to your Shopify store (free, no app)

Grab the code in this tutorial from

Adding a wholesale area to your Shopify store is easy, and it doesn’t require an expensive app. Just copy and paste a bit of code and you’re all set!

This tutorial will help you set up a wholesale section in your Shopify store. This means that you’ll be able to make certain products, collections, and pages locked down so that only customers that you’ve approved as wholesalers will have access to them.

This method uses Shopify’s existing customer accounts feature–just tag the customer accounts who you’ve approved and they’ll be able to access your wholesale products, collections, and pages.

All of the code you’ll need and the written version of this tutorial can be found at



43 thoughts on “How to add a wholesale area to your Shopify store (free, no app)

  1. BostonDrummers1

    I am noticing many of the comments below regarding the step 6 problem. I like the video and almost everything works accordingly, except this step. I also noticed that my site is not giving the prompt to the customer to register for a wholesale account either, but if I type the word wholesale at the end of my URL, anyone can have access to the wholesale products. I think that the curator of this video may want to address this for all of us since so many people are having the issue in order to add value to this video. Otherwise, the tutorial is almost rendered completely useless and that's a shame because the content is great if it works. Just my thought.

  2. Pinch Skin Care

    Hey Leighton…. Great video! Wondering if there is a way to only do a wholesale collection, not products. I am having a major problem with taxes in Canada. Shopify can't do anything but offer an APP solution which didn't work anyway. SO…. we have 2 taxes in BC…. PST & GST. Our retailers (wholesalers) only pay GST because they have a PST number and remit that on their own. I have to find a way for them to login and create an account but only pay the GST, not the PST on any product they add to the cart. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  3. Nathan Polselli

    Hey Leighton, how do you manage inventory if you have a set number of products (ie: 10). I wouldn't want to assign 5 to retail and 5 to wholesale because it would limit the number of items a retail or wholesale customer could purchase. I'd want each customer to be able to purchase up to the 10 items i have in stock. How do you manage this? Thanks!!

  4. Jan Martin

    Hi Leighton, I'm having trouble the the cart for regular customers, they can see the wholesale products options. How can I make the wholesale products hidden in the cart section, as they are hidden everywhere else?

  5. Bella Jones

    Problematic and not very functional. Works great up till step 6, can't hide the wholesale products from search, can't hide them from general searches (ie, google), unable to hide the wholesale collection from sitemap, and anyone who has the website address can view the price. Still currently trying to work on how to fix this with no luck, so back to the drawing board for me

  6. Mia Harrie

    Say you have different tiers of pricing for different types of wholesalers. Is it possible to have multiple versions of the "wholesale site" show up for different customers? For example, can you set it up so that you have "Wholesale-5", "Wholesale-10", and "Wholesale-15" tags for different customers?

  7. HairByLondon

    I was having issues modifying the menu for the 2018 pop theme. I found the fix by modifying the header.liquid file in the sections folder. The linklists for nav_menu is already there. I just modified with code from this video. Here is what my header.liquid looks like now. It works very well for me.

    {% assign navMenu = linklists[section.settings.nav_menu] %}
    {% if customer.tags contains 'wholesale' %}
    {% assign navMenu = linklists.main-menu-wholesale %}
    {% endif %}
    {% for link in linklists[menu_handle].links %}
    {% endfor%}

  8. Plan-It Planet

    Hi Leighton! I love this tutorial and have successfully installed and used it on my shop, but now I have changed themes and am trying to transfer it all over to the Minimal Theme, but am having trouble. It's not showing my wholesale note to unauthorized users. It let's them have full access to my wholesale collection of listings. I've double and triple-checked the code, the templates in the products, tags, etc. I can't seem to get it to work with this new theme. Could you please advise? Thank you so much!

  9. Josh Witt

    Need help. Cannot find where the mobile website information is located. Using Brooklyn theme. Everything seems to work. Few things I've noticed. When not. Logged in under shop you can see collections and the one called wholesale but if you click it not logged in you do get the deny message. Any help on where I can find mobile to. Input that information for homepage

  10. EN Gaming

    for all the people where the menu didn't work out, it didn't work out for me either so what I did I just made link to navigation menu for the wholesale as log in , just place the link that ends up with wholesale

  11. Matias Simonsen

    Hi Leighton!

    I would like to create a seperat landing-page for wholesaler logins and remove it from the top menu bar – do you have any suggestions on how I could do this? The idea is that this login/account feature is unimportant to retail customers on the site, as we don't currently use the account system for this.

    Basically it should only be accessible only through the landing-page with accounts I create.

    Thanks on beforehand – great video!

  12. Andres Alanis

    Hi Leighton! I've been using your method of setting up wholesale accounts and it's been great, BUT using my search option if I search for the wholesale option it will appear even if I do not have the tag on the customer, Can you help me please?

  13. Jason Landon Russ

    Okay so here is my problem. STEP 6… only place I find {% for link_l1 in linklists.main-menu.links %} is under snippet-main-menu.liquid and snippet-mobile-menu.liquid. When I replace {% for link_l1 in linklists.main-menu.links %} under both of them my main menu bar on my website disappears whether I am logged out or logged in as a customer. what is going on? would LOVE help… thank you here is the website

  14. Vanessa Cabrera

    Hey Thank you so much! Your method really works well and you help me a lot, guys just try to follow every step in the same way and pay a lot of attention to everything, the only thing that it didnt work out was the "wholesale-note", it doesnt show up in the link, someone has a recommendation?

  15. Nicola Kooreman

    Hey Leighton, because our site is live I am trying it in the copy but does this mean I can't see the product.wholesale menu when I am trying to put the products and collections in there. Does this make sense? Awesome video so far!! Thank you in advance

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