How To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify Store 2017

How To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify Store 2017

Learn how you can add your Instagram feed to your Shopify store with this easy step by step tutorial for beginners in 2017.

We use an app called Instafeed to add your Instagram feed with a text of your choice.

HTML code for text:

////////// FOLLOW ME //////////





Snapchat. Andrew Waatz



22 thoughts on “How To Add Instagram Feed On Shopify Store 2017

  1. Lules Piek

    Thanks a lot, great app and tutorial! The only problem I have (at least within the Pacific theme), is that the text is not centered, but on the far far left on the screen :-/ I guessed this may have something to do with the stylesheet not taking the "center" alignment from html code. Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

  2. David Maillet

    Hi thanks for this great video! the only problem that I have is that I did copy paste <h1 align=”center”> Follow Us On Instagram </h1> BUT it's not appearing centered on my website and stays on the left border. I use Mac Air, any idea why it's not centering?
    Thank you !

  3. Sylvia Flynt

    Thanks very good video but yesterday I published my Instagram feed and it came up at the very top of my store before my logo and I panicked and removed it. I also tried first just removing the only three photos I had on Instagram and was unable to find out how to delete them and remain connected. If you can guide me how to first delete the pics and then explain why you put the text on 4th line as I was instructed to put the text in front of the code there? Thanks again

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