How to Add your Shopify Store to your Facebook Page

How to Add your Shopify Store to your Facebook Page

In this video tutorial we will walk you through step-by-step how to add in your Shopify store directly into your Facebook page so users don’t even have to leave Facebook to buy from you!

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your products directly from your Facebook page? It is possible with the Facebook Sales Channel for Shopify!

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37 thoughts on “How to Add your Shopify Store to your Facebook Page

  1. Looking Out To See

    For some reason my business page I want to link with shopify does not show as a page under my name in facebook. But Shopify does recognise it as an option. However when I click connect I get an email later on saying my account is disconnected. I go back to shopify and it says I don't have access to the page. I went back to Favebook and I am set as page admin…I have done so much research and I just cannot find a solution – help! Please!

  2. Ryan Stone

    Hello, I'm having trouble connecting my facebook page. I am the Admin for the page & I have connected and disconnected this page several times. It always tells me I am not logged in. Then when I click login it just stays blank and does not load anything..

  3. an0v 26

    I got a problem
    SO when i click "accept" it just goes back to the facebook terms and conditions. Makes no sense at all.
    It also says "You need to be an admin for the Page you want to connect. View your Facebook settings to change Page roles."
    I dont get what this means. Wish it was easier

  4. Moses MT

    I have linked a page of shopify to facebook but I deleted all the products in shopify and created new ones. The old products are still in facebook page and I can not delete them or be replaced by new one I have created , 2. I cant find the manage shop on my facebook page. How do I delete the old products. Your advise wiil be appreciated if possible thanks Mate

  5. Fern’s channel.

    I made a shopify store this week and a new facebook page for the store. I opened a facebook shop for facebook. I received an email from shopify that the facebook shop was approved. I go into my shopify page and click on the facebook selling channel but I don't have a shop option only publishing option and account option under that. I log into facebook and go on the page but I don't have any items on sale on that page, all I have is the shop now button and when I click it, it redirects me to shopify

  6. Cierra Dean

    I’m having a problem every time I’m trying to publish my items it’s gives me a message say “ some features my be unavailable while your store is being set up this my take a few minutes try again shortly” but it’s taking days I called Shopify a number of times and they don’t even know what’s going on please help

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