How to Craft The Best Shopify Product Page on the Web

How to Craft The Best Shopify Product Page on the Web

Discover the top 3 persuasion levers every Shopify product page MUST have to maximize your conversions, sales and profits.

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23 thoughts on “How to Craft The Best Shopify Product Page on the Web

  1. Corey Booth

    shoptimize is GARBAGE! Total RIP OFF! Your scarcity and ridiculous hurry up timers are dead. but youve moved on to ripping entrepreneurs in other ways, havent you? got me for a hundo and absolutely nothing in return and equal amount of support response. buyer beware! use an app like hypervisual (similar to click funnels) or shogun. fuck shoptimized, theyre a SCAM!!

  2. Osamu Hearnshaw

    Fantastic theme! Just a quick Q, at around 7:45 you start talking about the main benefits section (check points beneath the sales price) – how do I include this section in the theme? I'm running Shoptimized-4-13 and can't seem to find the option to include this under 'Product Page' customisation. TA!

  3. Ken Black

    I have your theme and like it very much. But, for display "11 sold in last 16 hours etc", "Quantity Remaining – 2,000 of 3,000 Sold", "11 Viewing this Product" …. and so on. Would this stop people from buying because they would not feel like they were the only one who bought the product etc ? People would not feel like they got a special deal if 2,000 others bought the same thing, right ? I just saw this in a video so was wondering …

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