How to create a website with Shopify for photographers & designers

How to create a website with Shopify for photographers & designers

How to create a website with Shopify for photographers, creatives, artists and designers.

Try it free► How to create a website – online store with Shopify – for photographers, designers & artists, a step by step guide.

In this 48 minute video we start by signing up to Shopify and finish with creating a simple website – online store with a few simple products.

0.00 Why use Shopify?
2:50 Price comparison: Smugmug vs Shopify
5:00 Signing up to Shopify
7:40 Selecting a Shopify theme
9:15 Publishing the theme you’ve selected
15:00 Customising your chosen theme
15:12 Uploading a 1280 x 460 pixel image for your theme
16:10 Uploading another image for your home page
17:40 Playing with the typography for your theme
19:27 Uploading a product image
22:09 Adding tags to your product page
24:48 Uploading another homepage photo
28:06 Adding another product image
32:50 Adding Alt text to your photo images
33:38 Using Canva to create designs for your Shopify store
35:33 Editing the home page content
38:20 Editing your ‘about us’ content
41:28 Playing with your featured content
42:48 Adding your social media tags and URLs
43:45 Changing letter spacing
44:00 Editing and playing around with your site’s footer
46:00 Take time to read through your Shopify user manual
46:48 Understand product variants for your Shopify store

NB: You may need to increase the size of the video to clearly see all the details.

There are other videos that explain how to create a website using Shopify however I created this specifically for people who are designers, artists, photographers and creatives, and who are enthusiastic to sell their goods and products to a new and exciting worldwide marketplace.

You can start your free 14 day trial here at: – the free trial gives you ample time to follow the steps in this video and get your Shopify store looking professional.

If you have any questions about how to make a website or setup an ecommerce website like Shopify I’d love to help. Just leave a comment below. Let me know if you could follow this video ok.

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