How To Find Stocks To Buy in 2019

How To Find Stocks To Buy in 2019

Today I answer a question i get a lot which is how to find stocks to buy!
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People ask me stocks to buy in 2019 or stocks to watch in 2019, but you can find this for yourself easier than you think!

This is a good stock market for beginners or how to invest type video.



47 thoughts on “How To Find Stocks To Buy in 2019

  1. Steven Upton

    this is terrible advice jeremy , i can tell you never fought the bear
    the DOW is way overvalued , the s and p is 2x its fair value , china or emerging markets are good , or maybe the FTSE 100 on brexit noise, even piling a war chest like buffett is better advice than investing in the dow or s and p unless u understand meltup and thats too experianced for a neewb

  2. ItsMitchh

    Hi Jeremy, I was looking to invest 3k-3.5k in apple to begin with do you think itโ€™s a good idea to buy now before it goes up or do you think itโ€™s a good idea to wait as you think there will be a chance it goes back down to the price around you paid?

  3. postwarddotcom

    I was wondering if you can speak on this paradox: As a younger investor many people say you are paying for an education on the stock market and you will make a lot of mistakes. The paradox is the stocks you buy and hold at the earliest you can will pay off the most. Itโ€™s almost unfortunate that trading knowledge isnโ€™t at its best when you are building early equity and crappier late in life, as those initial investments are often 10 bangers if chosen right and early.

    Also: your thoughts on Magna International. They seems like a quiet backbone to the auto industry, they are doing EV, and moving into China. It looks like they are paying dividends. I like the idea of a growth stock that is buying back shares and paying dividends. I do not own this stock, Iโ€™m waiting for your opinion.

  4. Casey Burns

    How to find good stocks to buy according to my coworker…

    Step 1: Make tin foil hat
    Step 2: โ€œThereโ€™s gonna be a huge selloff soon man, get out of stocks and then buy back in at the bottom.โ€ (every day since the Dec 24th dip)

    Me: collects dividend money โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿธ

  5. G G

    This is certainly one of your better videos. Still sitting in US steel, prob should have sold at 25$ but we will see. I suppose itโ€™s my hedge against a fairly liberal/ tech heavy portfolio

  6. Victor Probably

    Here's the thing, if you buy a low pe business, and it stays low pe, that's actually great, all those profits are going on the balance sheet or paid out as dividends, every year when you own a low pe business, you're winning, assuming they can keep that pe ratio low

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