How To Fix Facebook Ads Inconsistencies (2019 UPDATE!) | Shopify Dropshipping

How To Fix Facebook Ads Inconsistencies (2019 UPDATE!) | Shopify Dropshipping

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Whats going on everyone!

Todays video is about the best ways to fix Facebook Ads inconsistencies! This is a huge issue that a lot of people have been running into, so I decided to make a video to see if I can help some of you guys out!

In the video I mention 4 in-depth ways in which you can reduce your inconsistent results, and a lot of these are things I don’t see many people mention so I hope it will make a difference in your store!

Why do inconsistencies happen 🤔?

Due to the nature of Facebook ads and dropshipping there are many times when you will get INCONSISTENT results.

Things that contribute to inconsistencies:

-Low customer satisfaction
-Low adspend
-Random Facebook algorithm fluctuations.

Ways to fix it! 👇

#1. The first and most obvious way to reduce inconsistencies is to test new adsets every single day!

The more winning adsets you have on at a given time, the more consistent your results will be since you are spreading your budget across different winning audiences.

For example: I like to create 1-2 new adsets every single day per campaign ($5-10/day).

Unfortunately this doesn’t always solve the issue completely, but it definitely does help!

Quick tip: Don’t get attached to adsets. If they die within 2 – 4 days just kill them and move on.

#2. The second way to reduce inconsistencies is by taking the time to set up BACK END systems & upsells.

Automated email sequences help a lot and you should definitely test some.

Sequences that have worked well for me: Abandoned Cart sequence, Post purchase thank you sequence. (Sending random campaigns for new product launches or sales have been successful too)

Including upsells to increase AOV, this will allow you to spend more to acquire a customer, AKA you can survive with a HIGH Cost Per Purchase.

#3. Try to scale winning adsets to higher budgets. This will help ‘optimize’ them. (Doesn’t always work perfectly, but you have to keep trying!).

Facebook recommends 50 conversions per week for an individual adset to be fully optimized, this is nearly impossible to do with low budgets. (Does Not mean low budgets don’t get consistent results, I’ve had $5-20/day adsets that run profitably for MONTHS).

However, from experience High budget adsets do experience inconsistencies as well, so it’s not that simple.

The best way to fix this is by using CBO campaigns!

Every time you find a set of 5 winning adsets in your regular campaigns, duplicate them into a CBO campaign at $100-200/day.

#4. Become a multichannel brand and maximize customer satisfaction to increase your customer lifetime value!

This should be the end goal for everyone. Shipping from the US will allow your customers to be happier and therefore they will order more.
I love using Facebook ads and Instagram simultaneously.

Let me know what you think, as always I’ll be answering all questions in the comments within the first hour!

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I started this YouTube channel as a way to share my journey, and I continue to do that till this day. In this channel I cover things related to shopify dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook ads, entrepreneurship in general and even give you a glimpse into my personal life from time to time. I’d love to be a part of your ecommerce journey, and if you enjoy my videos please do subscribe.



33 thoughts on “How To Fix Facebook Ads Inconsistencies (2019 UPDATE!) | Shopify Dropshipping

  1. De Luna Denny

    bro, yes. loving the last tip.

    Ive started a branded store, right off the top, I have seen success though fb ads affect the budget. 

    I'm thinking about buyying inventory, do that special packaging, and do influencer marketing.
    you think that'll make the difference between being more profitable than I already am?

  2. Miss Jnet

    How can you get the a2c customers back when they don’t leave their email. I mean I know you can retarget them on Facebook so is that what you meant. There’s an option to send out emails to people that ic, from Shopify but not a2c

  3. Jean Lemay

    Super video as always !!!!!

    Quick comment on Facebook and their new Customer Satisfaction Scores impacting Your Campaigns … the goal is to literally kill dropshipping forever. Truly.

    Because let's face it, they will measure the quality of the product, (which is not good), the overall satisfaction of the consumer (which is not good), and the speed of delivery (which is always terrible).

    They will kill my store in a month.

    Cheers to you!

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