How To Invest $1,000 in The Stock Market in 2019

How To Invest $1,000 in The Stock Market in 2019

Today we do a video on how to invest $1,000 in the stock market in 2019. This video should help out stocks for beginners type folks as well as people who want to learn how to invest in 2019 or just how to invest in the stock market in general. Enjoy!
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32 thoughts on “How To Invest $1,000 in The Stock Market in 2019

  1. rich young

    The time to "invest" / gamble was years ago. Ya'll missed the boat. Now is the time to cash in. The market is a total lie compared to the bond market which is clearly yelling.. GET OUT! The only thing going up at this point is the cost of living. Stores are closing and in my area the tax sale list doubled in size over last year and real estate prices are falling hard. Time to sit on your hands and wait to see how low this can go. The market is rigged and disconnected from reality. I would not touch it right now.

  2. Bruce Lee

    Btw bro that’s too small amount to get into index funds with just $1000. You can’t even buy VOO With that. just one share of VTI lol. I’m not as successful as you (age 20) but I recommend $450 in index funds like VOO, VTI, SCHX, SPHD, (just to name a few) $350 in value like Waste management, Coke, or water stocks like AWR. And just $200 in growth stocks

  3. Jerome 092

    My first investment was $1,100 that I had of free money. I had no idea what to do or how to start, so I watch a couple videos and most of them said go safe and invest in blue chip stocks, so I went and bought 5 apple shares at $220.

    1 week later apple starts to decline like never before in the last 5 years. Drops all the way to $160 lost $300 that quick. Got discouraged but decided to have an open mind, with my new job promotion I can afford some losses, So I decided that those $1,100 would be an investment in myself in learning how to invest to make a lot more in the future, in other words if I lost it all then so be it, but I will know what to do with the next $1,000 and every dollar after.

    5 months later I have $7,300 in stocks, I have invested a total of $5000. Thats 46% gain. So what I did was research, not only what stocks to buy but When! Timing is everything. When apple drop to $150s I bought 3 more shares to even the average price of my stocks, then it drop even more to $140s but I hold knowing it would go up again and it did, so I sold 5 shares when it hit $175 and cut my losses. Keep the last 3 and waiting to go to $190 at that point I would make a profit. Meanwhile I invested in a high paying dividend stock and it pays me monthly, also I invested in Tesla, got it for $300 got cash advance from my credit cards and when it went up to $360 I made a huge profit! Over $1,000 pure gain, pay my credit card to avoid interest and pocket the rest.

    Then started day trading with the money I made from Tesla, cheap $10-30 stocks when stocks move $.50 cents sold them and made $40-60 profit, at the end of the week I pocket about $150 and bought more stocks of the high dividend, then re-invest the same amount of money from the tesla gains, and again everything extra for the week goes to buy more long term dividend stocks, those stocks are buying themselves, because I no longer adding money to my brokers account from my bank.

    Now I save instead of taking cash advance from my credit cards and invested again in Tesla, hoping the repeat the first major success, I now I just have to hold longer to wait for this bad storm and I can make again a nice profit gain.

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