How To Launch a New Shopify Dropshipping Product (Step by step)

How To Launch a New Shopify Dropshipping Product (Step by step)

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In this video we are going to be talking about How to Launch a Shopify Dropshipping product with Facebook ads step by step. I dive into my own ad manager and show you how to do Facebook Targeting, how to do your Facebook ad copy and how to setup your campaigns!

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*This is my personal experience, and does not guarantee exact monetary value for any other Shopify merchant! eCommerce, and starting a business on Shopify, like any successful business, takes hard work, time, effort and dedication in order to succeed! *

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5 thoughts on “How To Launch a New Shopify Dropshipping Product (Step by step)

  1. Amber Digital

    Sorry for some of the random skips in the first few minutes of the video, just got a new screen recording software to fix the problem! Hope you enjoy the video and get some MASSIVE VALUE regardless!

    Shoutout to everyone who watches,Β  likes and comments on every video. Appreciate you!

  2. Shaun Tan

    Hi im planning to dropship but im not from the us and don’t have stripe or any credit card accepting payments yet. What can you suggest I do? Can I put in my announcement that credit card payments are down as of the moment or anything?

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