How To Make Your First $5,000 On Shopify In 2019 | Course Update

How To Make Your First $5,000 On Shopify In 2019 | Course Update

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17 thoughts on “How To Make Your First $5,000 On Shopify In 2019 | Course Update

  1. doggyliciousTV

    Bro I'm with you since you started (around 100 subs I think), you are different, you post valuibale videos.. People don't understand that online money / passive income actually takes MORE work than working for a company and get 1500-4000k a month as a salary. I'm still at the stage where you make "pennies" online but I'm in it, I comitted to it. I'm about to do shopify and therefore can't wait for your course. Love from Germany, keep it up.

  2. Lightning

    Just saw your comment on Flying start online's 27 days challenge videos and thought i would check you out, and you are already selling a course… maybe i should start selling a course since i did 11k in sales last month xD

  3. Alex Garcia

    You’re completely unique! I’ve already used like 8 of your strategies for making money online. I’ve been with you since the beginning and I love your videos and your honesty! You’re very likable so keep up the amazing work!

  4. Ru405dy N/A

    Bro that's what I love about your channel ur different than what is out there. You really give so much value and I think it's dope you give us so many other practical ways to really make money. Keep it up bro and keep up the great vibes!

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