How to Set up G Suites for Shopify (Google Apps for Work)

How to Set up G Suites for Shopify (Google Apps for Work)

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Learn how to set up Google Apps for Work for Shopify (which is now known as G Suites). I love using G Suites because I can use the gmail interface but with my own domain, which makes things very easy. Not to mention that I can use Google Drive and Google Calendar.

It’s also great for managing employees as well, since you can’t really monitor their personal emails.



47 thoughts on “How to Set up G Suites for Shopify (Google Apps for Work)

  1. Appytap com

    There is another easy way to do this – Go to Domain settings on Shopify. Once press this, press manage under primary address, then you just press forwarding email address, and create as it is without doing those steps. and you can forward to your free gmail account without paying

  2. Sandra Stroup

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  3. Driven Digital Marketing

    There is now an easier way.. Go to Domain settings on Shopify. There is an option under email > "Use third party email such as G-Suite or Zoho" > Enter the meta tag there that G-Suites gives you > Go back to G-Suites and click "done" for all other options and you will be good. G-Suites will verify all steps and boom your good!

  4. Jack T

    Thanks for the tutorial. Here is an important tip guys.
    You don't need to request them to open srs anymore.
    Just go to your shopify admin page, click domains >click your domain name > click DNS settings at the top of the page > remove existing MX record and add Gsuite record. Done

  5. Jesiah Bradley

    Hey man great content! Im trying to set this up for my shopify store and cant get past the 2nd step in verifying my domain – with Tucow and needing to modify my open srs settings… the problem is i cant access and help/support/live chat through G Suite because it says my account isnt verified/completed yet (which it obviously isnt because thats what im in the process of trying to do). How can i go on live chat and get access to open srs? Any help would be MUCH appreciated this is driving me crazy!

  6. Helen Yang

    I purchased my domain during my gsuite sign up and I'm having a hard time connecting my domain to shopify. Do you have any idea how I can connect them? The setup wizard never showed up on my Admin console on gsuite. the gsuite support articles are not helping either

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