How To Set Up Your Theme In Shopify

How To Set Up Your Theme In Shopify

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s episode of Boss Biz Babes is all about setting up your Shpify theme and personalizing it to your exact style & brand. I do not guarantee that if you sign up with Shopify that you will make any money at all, for anything to be successful you have to work hard, do a lot of trial and error to see what works best for you. I hope you are excited and ready to have some serious fun.

YG Clothing:

Level Up by bohkeh
Tell Me What (Feat. Osmoji) by bohkeh

Graphics & Video Editing:
Photoshop & Camtasia Studio for Mac

Yeti Mic



45 thoughts on “How To Set Up Your Theme In Shopify

  1. Shayke Speeer

    Shoptimized theme has been nothing but major headaches every time I install a new app. Avoid Shoptimized like the plague. Avoid any theme that isn't on the Shopify theme options (external themes). Just my experience. Your experience MIGHT be different than mine. Roll the dice and take a chance if you want. Your choice.

  2. Paegyn Walker

    This tutorial was very helpful, I'm so so grateful. It allowed me to set up with ease. I could hear every instruction and you were very clear, I happen to like the music in the back ground ;). One more thing…..THANK YOU XO

  3. Gift For Photographers

    when is was trying to create shopify store, it was totally mess. i don't have any idea what am i doing.
    after two weeks struggle i managed to create a store, but it was totally crap. i gave up, but some how i found this guy from fiverr, and he made my store super cool, what a amazing job he is done. finally i get my store up and running so far i got 5 sales,here is the guy if you want to check him

  4. Gwendolyn KIng

    I loved this tutorial it made this process so easy. I was able to set up my store with ease . The only thing that I am stuck on is the resizing of the slide show images. I wanted to use my images from the clothing without it image becoming blurry . can you assist me with this problem

  5. Kacy's Kastle

    I'm only 8 minutes into your video and it's getting a major thumbs up. Wish I could give two thumbs. Your video couildnt have better music and be explained any better. Thanks for taking a very boring and tedious task and making it looks so fun and simple.

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