How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With $0 Investment [Part 1]

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With $0 Investment [Part 1]

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is, “how do I start a marketing agency?”

Everyone wants to start a business in 2018, but many don’t know where to start? In this new series, I go over step by step how you can start your own marketing agency without investing $1

The reality is you need to think different when starting a marketing agency. Many people were thought to believe that you need to charge high prices even before you have a client

In reality, this is not true. Would you invest money in someone who hasn’t gotten results in the past? The answer is no. You would be guessing and business owners don’t like to guess

In this video, I cover a few important things like:

– What exactly does a marketing agency do?
– Why you should specialize in a service
– Why you shouldn’t charge initially
– Why you need to continuously learn more

Please remember that this is part 1 of the series on “how to start your own marketing agency” and this week I’ll be uploading multiple parts to this


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37 thoughts on “How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With $0 Investment [Part 1]

  1. Scott K

    How do i start a marketing company that markets escorts legal? I dont want to market some girls, then i go to prison… can i also make a porno for the marketing company? Do i need certain things to do this legaly, and not go to jail? Thanks

  2. Ernesto Zamora

    I know a solution for anybody that wants clients and is not sure about how they will give results. Hire someone that already knows what he's doing. Oh by the way, I know what I'm doing, message me if you got clients and need to outsource your work and focus on scaling instead.

  3. fluter grinder

    Thanks you for the information you can make this complecatet stuff realy explain clearly. Should it be smart by starting your agency to show potientle clients the results you had made for your own site (the site of your agency). Like SEO results and add results?

    (Excuse my english)

  4. Joseph Oyeyinka

    Hello Mr Ruan. I am a Nigerian that wants to build a marketing agency but i still need more lectures, courses and knowledge about the field. Could you please help out with recommendations?. I also aspire to be successful and make an impact in the Nigerian various sectors. I would appreciate your assistance sir. You can reach me via my mail for better contacts and relationship. God bless

  5. youngswhtx

    I understand what it is, what I want to know is how to do it, where to post ads and how to post ads, how to create a website, how to make links , how to make a "lead", where do o learn all this? Like click my click or a manual.

  6. Bakers Tree Service

    Disclosure make more money than yr 👵—-targeting adds for sales put u in buisness1 Search engine optimization
    Show me the 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵🙇‍♀️💵💵money!!!!!!!!!💵💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰💰
    Adds Facebook…buy yr way to success
    Do not specialize inverything 1 niche
    2. Video …branding…offer free ///yr ego is at the door…..

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