How To Test Shopify Dropshipping Products (Easiest Way)

How To Test Shopify Dropshipping Products (Easiest Way)

In this video we go through step-by-step how I am testing new dropshipping products for my Shopify store.

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35 thoughts on “How To Test Shopify Dropshipping Products (Easiest Way)

  1. Fabio Pengue

    Hey man! Thanks a lot for all the great content you're putting out there for us to grab! That is invaluable! Quick question (I hope it's not a stupid one): when you are testing new products do you create a new store everytime, new Facebook page, new Instagram page and so on? Or would you do the testing on a general shop kind of website? 🙏👍

  2. Benita McDade

    Hi Neil! I would like to share to you about my partner in Shopify Dropshipping business! It’s been a year now that I’m partnering with Fulfillman! Teams are tirelessly making sure that they help me get cheaper and Safer Purchase Options! they can really provide solutions in solving any issues! Amazing team who can handle full order management. It’s not software or app, it’s a dedicated team ready to serve you! Add to Skype: Myron – Fulfillman or Email:

  3. D.&O.G.

    What do look for from posting the different adds on different pages? How many people comment or buy or what? I wasn't/am not sure if I should have the testing product in my store first before can test it? I'm not sure…

  4. Jake Newton

    Hayden, I understand what you’re talking about when it comes to how to run ads, but QUESTION… do you buy a domain and set up a whole webpage for the product in order to test it? What if the product isn’t a hot product? Do u create a whole new website for your next product your testing???

  5. Isaiah Irwin

    Hayden. I love your stuff man, i respect how you make business from helping others start small ecommerce business's as well. I've seen a lot of your videos, even muscled through the interviews, although i've never tried your course i still fin genuinely good content.

    I find a product, but then when i click it takes me to aliexpress, where it is available for the lowest possible price. How do you profit listing something on ebay for more then its worth, wont someone be encouraged to go and shop on aliexpress and get it cheaper there instead of buying my marked up product?

  6. mark joon

    When you go niche and u want to test the product. Do you have to buy the domain already and shopify subscription? Or just set your site up and test with add and if it works buy domain and get shopify subscription? people talk about testing 5 products a day, then you would need to buy 5x 14$ domain and 5x 29$ shopify subscription a day>??

  7. Clean Hustle

    Some advice big dog, go in your video after posting and have links to those videos pop up everytime you mention it! You wouldve gotten me to click on all the videos you talked about but most people wont go search for them ya dig!!? GOOD QUALITY CONTENT HAYDEN, i fuck with your hustle man! keep it up

  8. Kris

    Hey Hayden, love your content! In my opinion the best and most transparent shopify tutorials. One quick question tho: do I need an Instagram page to get shoutouts and if so, what content do I have on that page? Since I am testing a lot of different products, there is no real niche. Am I getting this right?

  9. Benjamin Hathaway

    Trying to learn how to get my first drop shipping business off the ground, to be able to work from home and be with my family. Dude, You are giving more valuable information then anybody else I've found on Youtube! Major props, I'm going to be repping you like mad to everyone I know interested in the business like I am! Thank you so much!

  10. John Cleary

    Hey guys would anyone be interested in a weekly google hangout group for online marketing? (make money online, affiliate marketing, shopify, facebook ads, ect) I'm not looking to make any money from this, and it will always be free to join. I am simply looking for a group of like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of. Ideally, I would like this group to consist of 10-15 committed individuals for this group. I am currently in a amazon fba google hangout and I would like to run my meetings in a similar fashion to that weekly hangout. I would like each meeting to run around 45-minutes to an hour. We meet once each week. If you are interested, please skype me or leave a comment .I will make sure to follow up with everyone who is interested and look forward to making this vision of mine a reality. Skype id : c507dfd86756e64a
    I'm also available to answer any questions as well. Thanks!

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