How To Use Printful To Sell T-Shirts Online Through Shopify

How To Use Printful To Sell T-Shirts Online Through Shopify

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35 thoughts on “How To Use Printful To Sell T-Shirts Online Through Shopify

  1. David Krug

    I can't find all over print hoodies on printful, just sweatshirts. Did they stop doing it and what is the best shopify app now to do thick, nice quality all over print hoodies? RageOn, pillow profits, Power Merch? Would be thankful for advice. Your hoodies on he pinterest shop look really nice, where do you make them?

  2. murgrabia bęc

    Cmon. Dont fool yourself. Making a descent store in shopify does not take 10 minutes. You have to sort lots of things like shipping costs, return policy, privacy policy,your profit vs price. Free themes usually require customization. For someone who is familiar with shopify – 7 days at least. For a newcomer 3 weeks and more. Remember your customer will not buy anything from you if it looks poor.

  3. Mike M

    Thanks for this video. I've been doing Print On Demand research on Youtube for a weeks now and I finally came across an informative video where someone isn't trying to sell their crappy course to me. I had a lot of questions and your one video answered many of them (vector files etc). Keep up the good work

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