How To Use Shopify FREE Trial | How To Unlock Shopify Store [2018]

How To Use Shopify FREE Trial | How To Unlock Shopify Store [2018]

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In this video I show how to use shopify free trial and how to unlock shopify store during your trial period.

Some of you guys expressed frustration about the fact, that during the Shopify free trial period the store is password protected from visitors. And that to unlock your Shopify store you need to sign up for a paid plan.

All this is true. HOWEVER, Shopify will not charge you until the end of your free trial.

So basically the solution is very simple. After you sign up for Shopify 14 day free trial following the link above, you set up the whole store – add products, modify settings, change the design, etc. As soon as you are ready – you choose a plan, add your CC details and your shop gets unlocked for the visitors!

IMPORTANT: You are NOT going to get billed until the end of your free trial even if you add your CC details! Just make a couple of sales during your trial and you will have money to pay for the first month. Then you will have another 30 days to scale your sales and start banking!

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28 thoughts on “How To Use Shopify FREE Trial | How To Unlock Shopify Store [2018]

  1. Ninie Chang

    If i close store before the 14 days trial and i didn't select any payment plan i would not get charged right? Why they save the account for 30 days even we are already close the store?
    Sorry.. I cant write in english very well.

  2. Tech Pirate

    I want to know when we buy a plan 1st time the payment is charged then after another month will Shopify notify me or ask me that will you want to continue or not , what if i want to cancel my plan after using 2 or 3 months how can i do that ?

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