Is AMD Stock a Buy?

Is AMD Stock a Buy?

Today we find out is amd stock a buy!
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41 thoughts on “Is AMD Stock a Buy?

  1. Robert Frank

    Your research skills are weak. Nothing about the data centre side of the business which is diversifying away from Intel by using AMD. Nothing about Intel failing to deliver time after time on their 10 nm chipset whereas AMD will be selling 7nm in 2018. This will take Intel five years to catch up at least which will explode AMDs market share in the PC market. I could go on. Everyone made money off of AMD but you.

  2. smint0

    11.06.2018 Bullish scenario… just look now how AMD is doing 🙂 Im long and still holding and will hold long time. Planning to add even more AMD to my portfolio. Better than GoPro 😀 (I was lucky to sell my shares)

  3. Travis Weide

    i honestly think your pc knowledge is a little lacking to make that call… i just built my $2000 pc and half of it went to AMD for graphics and cpu…. ok ok im lying…. i chose nvidia graphics and amd cpu…. but you say amd is missing out on vr but what your not getting is you need a solid discreet graphics card such as amd or nvidia (no other choices) before you can even think about buying an oculus… also amd took intel by storm… i haven’t watched your channel in a while but got back into wanting to invest just for amd… volatile still? yes! but im all in AMD! based one cpu performance and a never before seen competition with intel cpu… a $400 amd compeets with a $1000 intel… come on son

  4. G B

    can i still buy a stock if i have a cash only brokerage account, and the stock im buying has a margin requirement? I only buy and hold i do not trade. Does this margin requirement stop me from just purchasing the stock?

  5. sycosindrum

    Its funny because I'm watching this months later. It shot up but hasn't done anything since. Actually it has dropped since and hovering in the $12 range. I wish all the people who were bulls could come back and explain themselves.

  6. Action Mate

    Omg I actually never watched any of your video because of videos thumbnail, but your view about amd was great,. Before making investment decision I looked at it financial sheets and I found that this company is almost broke. I can see why herd is so Angry in comment section about your view , but a smart investor knows herd mostly loose.

  7. Momo Jarwan

    Intel's market dominance was down to paying companies to stock and use its processors in their products and not shelving AMD lines. Which resulted in AMD undercutting intel prices and making losses in order to remain relevant. However this is changing as Intel has faced lawsuit after lawsuit for its anti-competitive tactics, in Europe, Japan and South Korea to name the least. Now that the dust has settled and AMD has been allowed to compete a lot more than previously, it has started to show as Intel's market dominance left them complacent and their recent answer to AMD's Threadripper shows that they are out of touch and their initial plan of increasing core speeds has failed as we are reaching the threshold with current technology.

    AMD on the otherhand invested their future in cramming more cores in their fabrication process which shows how AMD can create multicore processors at a lower cost than Intel and maintain lower prices undercutting their main competitor. AMD also has Radeon Graphics under its arm so they have the ability to dominate content market as Intel cannot do Graphics and have struggled previously.

    AMD's fabrication process is a lot more efficient than Intel. They were forced to this state because they could not afford losses but that has paid off as their yields are far better than Intel with the current gen of processors. Intel is going to lose a lot more in the coming years and don't forget AMD is also venturing into ARM processors paving way for smartphones and tablets in the future so no, they are not losing ground in the smartphone market. They are simply busy kicking Intel in the balls for all the years of under the table tactics they were forced to endure in the desktop segment.

    Intel's answer to Threadripper was awful. Their 18 core high end processor is $2000 with less features on the motherboard than their AMD counterpart 16 core Threadripper that is priced at $1000. AMD has spent the last years dining and wining Hollywood elitists to gauge what they are looking for in processors. Camera makers RED are one such company. EPYC 32 cores server processors from AMD at $4200 are incredible and the current Intel offering at that segment is sitting at an eye watering $11,000 and it only has 28 cores.

    AMD is clawing back market share on all fronts. Slowly but surely. Is it the right time to invest now? I wish I did last year when the prices were so low.

  8. Avg. Joe Watch Reviews

    Jeremy you're awesome. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I've learned a lot watching you. I really appreciated your taken on AMD which I own btw. But I wasn't mad nor should anyone who owns it. I'm always open to facts and you opened my eyes to points I was not aware of nor thought of. I've made a little money so far and will stay in and ride the wave a bit longer. Thanks for information and keep up the awesome videos brother. I really appreciate your approach and honesty.

  9. Adam Marawi

    I just purchased AMD on my robinhood account. Its looking strong to me right now, stronger than when this video was released. I just made a video about my robinhood stock account where im starting with only $1k, check it out and its progress if youre interested.

  10. Peter Park

    So you are telling yourself that you are an investor, but I dont think you can ever be a successful investor. You dont have vision which is the most important thing. And learn how to dd company properly first because you didnt even mention a single thing about amds new products, new ceo, and stuffs. Theres reason why you lost $75k in 2015.

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