Learn React – React Crash Course [2019] – React Tutorial with Examples | Mosh

Learn React – React Crash Course [2019] – React Tutorial with Examples | Mosh

Learn React – React Crash Course 2019 – React Tutorial with Examples
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00:00 Introduction
01:14 What is React
05:48 Setting Up the Development Environment
09:27 Your First React App
16:03 Hello World
22:26 Components
24:06 Setting Up the Project
26:15 Your First React Component
31:38 Specifying Children
35:56 Embedding Expressions
40:49 Setting Attributes
46:36 Rendering Classes Dynamically
50:57 Rendering Lists
54:58 Conditional Rendering
1:01:04 Handling Events
1:03:56 Binding Event Handlers
1:08:34 Updating the State
1:10:51 What Happens When State Changes
1:12:58 Passing Event Arguments
1:17:31 Composing Components
1:21:18 Passing Data to Components
1:24:31 Passing Children
1:27:44 Debugging React Apps
1:31:55 Props vs State
1:34:22 Raising and Handling Events
1:39:16 Updating the State
1:43:57 Single Source of Truth
1:47:55 Removing the Local State
1:54:44 Multiple Components in Sync
2:00:39 Lifting the State Up
2:06:18 Stateless Functional Components
2:08:49 Destructuring Arguments
2:10:52 Lifecycle Hooks
2:12:32 Mounting Phase
2:18:09 Updating Phase
2:22:31 Unmounting Phase



44 thoughts on “Learn React – React Crash Course [2019] – React Tutorial with Examples | Mosh

  1. Proj Muscle Up

    Hi all – @1:23:00 when i set count in state to this.props.value i get the following error: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined".

    Any idea what this is? I tried googling but can't seem to id problem. All else worked upto this the 1:23:00 point (so when i passed through console.log('props', this.props) it worked fine)


  2. Mikkel Jørgensen

    43:38 <– the one trick that ALL would-be tutorial makers need to learn; keep it simple, stupid!

    Again, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to make these videos, Mosh. Your pedagogical skills are through the roof; absolutely fantastically administered. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: You're the best!

  3. Malik Larsen

    Thank you Mosh. You are my hero. I Love your tutorials. I plan to by more of your courses, I like the way when you describe and explain everything in your tutorials, you are the best. I'm a big fan of your teaching. keep the good work. I learned more from you than from my 6 and a half at university. Thank you, again.

  4. Gigi T

    I browsed through a lot of tutorial, this one has great quality, great structure, and super easy to follow, yes, he didn't provide Git codes, but we probably should never jsut donwload the code instead of typing them out ourselves. I'm seriously considering following his 10 hr full on react and nodejs courses

  5. Jay Greg

    I have experience with python, bash and the terminal in general but not Javascript or NPM. I can't get things to work properly. I love the stability and reliability of those other scripting languages. I love brew and even apt. But I can not get these packages to install properly. I tried a few years to deal with the god awful reality of Javascript and I am now returning to it because I would love to learn frontend development but my god is Javascript awful and npm is even worse. It is like nothing is uniform and everything is chaotic. I don't get the world's fascination with this. I just wish there was an alternative. But alas the world choose long ago to accept this trash. I guess that I will move on to yet another tutorial and hope that I can get something to actually function regularly and in a stable manner. I couldn't get past installing the initial packages on my Mac with this tutorial. Maybe it worked 8 months ago but this tutorial says [2019]. It is March of 2019. How is it a [2019] tutorial that is 8 months old in March of 2019? Don't do that. It is really misleading, Mosh.

  6. cryptopinnacle

    Thanks for this intro. Am interested in buying your full course. Apart from the course videos, I wish to know if the source codes you used would be Available. I believe this would save one from making so much errors with coding typing

  7. Brandon Hill

    Great course! Some suggestions 1) Some concepts fly by way too fast, like many of your refactors and 2) would be helpful you to link to source code on Github or something. Thinking about doing your full course with the video rental app project!

  8. ajingar

    Hi – is there some mistake at [1:15:58] – In passing event arguments, I have checked and re-checked an I see a 'Failed to Compile' error with the message: 'product' is not defined
    in the statement: onClick={() => this.handleIncrement(product)}
    To fix it, I did: onClick={(product) => this.handleIncrement(product)}
    Is this a mistake or just because maybe the version of React differs slightly? Thank you.

  9. jack wylie

    I wish the finished code were available to download, I keep running into errors and it's very difficult clicking back through the video to figure out where I've gone wrong, especially since so much changes through the video.

  10. vedymin7

    I just bought a full course and need to say that the full one is about much more complex app (movie renting). This one here is only as a side project to teach some basic stuff. Full one covers, also filtering, pagination and sorting data, input forms, communication with a server, authentication, and lot more. Totally awesome! Finally, I can understand all the nuances of web app development. Thank you Mosh, that's the best course I took about web apps 😀

  11. okram ovic

    Hi Mosh, I know react a bit already, but slightly older versions. I wonder what react version does CRA package install for you in July 2018? Because I get 16.8.4. in March 2019. Im curious because of the syntax you're using, I'm not familiar with that yet. (eg. at 45:37 line 17 -> this.formatCount() )

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