NEW Shoptimized Theme Review V5.0 – Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping

NEW Shoptimized Theme Review V5.0 – Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping

Check out the NEW Shoptimized V5.0 theme:

The newest version of the Shoptimized theme is pretty awesome. It’s got tons of new features, some of which I am so happy they added that I’m jumping with joy!!! (or at least I feel like jumping, but realistically, I’m sitting on my couch smiling a lot lol)

I’ve been teaching how to use the Shoptimized theme to make more sales on high ticket drop shipping stores in the eCommerce Paradise high ticket drop shipping masterclass. I’m super excited about this new version and I’m going to be doing an entirely new updated Shopify store optimization module in the course for the new theme in the coming month.

If you want to get more sales on your Shopify store, this is definitely the best theme out there. I recommend picking up your copy of the theme ASAP. Here’s that link again:

You can read my review of the original version of the Shoptimized theme here:

You can get your free high ticket drop shipping niches list here:

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Best Shopify Theme for High-Ticket Drop Shipping: Shoptimized
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10 thoughts on “NEW Shoptimized Theme Review V5.0 – Best Shopify Theme for High Ticket Drop Shipping

  1. Yildiz Bünyamin

    Hallo first of all really cool video. I also using the theme but I have a problem right now with review tab. Could you help me pls.

    So I know you can add a lot of different review apps in the store. But I would like to use the ryviu app because it has this awesome feature that you can edit the reviews, display country etc etc .

    But I can't put it in the reviews tab .I would also loved to have the star rating over the price (product page) section together with this app ryviu.

    If you can help me I would be very happy. Also can you tell me what kind of reviews you use. If I can't do it like I want it ? Thank you 🙂

  2. StreetSaw Hoverboards

    You're reviewing this Shoptimized theme and you don't even own it? A lot of what you reviewed are completely wrong!

    Just another affiliate offer… A real review would show more about the actual customizations and not review their boilerplate vs a customized site.

  3. Media Click

    Would you recommend Shoptimized to newbies starting out with shopify? I have an extensive designer/developer background so i can play around with the settings easily, but what im concerned about is that you mentioned high ticket price products. I think starting out, i would focus more on lower price point products. Is Shoptimized overkill? Or should i go with something more simple like ecom turbo or booster theme?

  4. Juliana

    We created a mirror site of our high ticket drop ship store. Our ads in Google shopping auction on the site with the Shoptimized theme showed up before the site without the Shoptimized theme. The product listings were exactly the same. I realized there is something about the Shoptimized theme Google likes! <3

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