No More Mailchimp App for Shopify! What Now?

No More Mailchimp App for Shopify! What Now?

Mailchimp recently released a statement that they are pulling their app from the Shopify app store. In this video we are going to show you how to quickly re-sync your email list from Mailchimp with a new app called ShopSync.

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14 thoughts on “No More Mailchimp App for Shopify! What Now?

  1. Nicole S. Young

    ShopSync is good for now, but third-party solutions and plugin rarely work long-term and are not as reliable as a direct integration. My email list and Shopify are my main income and too important to rely on a workaround. I'm currently in the progress of switching from Mailchimp to another CRM that has a deep integration of Shopify. And during this process of moving things over, I'm realizing it's something I should have done a long time ago … Mailchimp is good for small lists and growing businesses, but is lacking in a lot of advanced features.

  2. Lori Gradley

    great video, thanks,..what happens if you also have a separate website outside your shopify store? does mailchimp just continue to collect email lists from this other website or is it only shopify we have to worry about?? thanks.

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