Online Marketing: Conversion Optimization Funnel CRO

Online Marketing: Conversion Optimization Funnel CRO

What is a conversion funnel? How do you apply conversion funnels to your online marketing initiatives? What is a CPA for startups and e-commerce platforms?

Noble Digital founder and CEO Allen Martinez steps in the studio with Chris Do to explain what it is, and how to use it to drive growth and revenue. As a fellow practitioner of CORE, Al facilitates the discussion on how to view the SKOOL’s online marketing efforts.

It quickly becomes apparent that you “have to spend money to make money.”

Noble Digital Al Martinez

1:37 CPA Cost Per Acquisition
2:57 MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue.
5:42 Tip 1 Tie Google and Shopify Analytics together

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Jose Caballer:
Chris Do:
Aaron Szekely:

Executive Producer– Chris Do
Hosts– Chris Do
Director– Aaron Szekely
Cameraman– Aaron Szekely
Producer– Aaron Szekely
Editor– Aaron Szekely
Musical Director– Adam Sanborne

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29 thoughts on “Online Marketing: Conversion Optimization Funnel CRO

  1. pavel mihai

    Just wonderful, I've been looking for "email marketing campaign tips" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Jenevi Digital Duppy – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.

  2. Eugene Goh Mugen

    wow. yea. very transparent. I'm assuming the whole content is mostly the real deal in their daily business. Great stuff. Loved the way Chris negotiated to 3K from 12K. 3K is exactly "the TRIAL" that Allen was talking about. Chris more than demonstrated he understood the concept. WAY DA GO

  3. Jeremy Vega

    Again, I am blown away. The level of transparency, and succinct, relevant information provided by Chris and his team is astounding. The Futur is by and large a game changer, and if you're not already a follower, subscriber, and customer, you are very much missing out.

  4. Monika Pospíšilová

    Do you use any visitor recording tools to understand visitors behavior and to be able to optimize your shop?
    I used to work with Yandex metrica but I recently found Smartlook -> , which free as well and has a much better user interface and functionality.
    What other tool do you recommend to analyze the traffic behavior outside Google Analytics?

  5. Truth and Loyalty Records

    I recently bought your AIB. Lots of stuff to sort through, but it looks good.

    There's something in this video that doesn't make sense. He says, "how much would you pay for a person at this stage" and they add up to the cpa you were shooting for.

    If you paid a portion of the cpa for every single person you actually got to each stage, you'd end up paying waaaaaay more than your desired CPA. Let's say I have a $100 CPA, and I decide that I'm paying $10, $30 and $60, at each stage, respectively. I'm actually getting way more people at the $10 mark, since it's at the top of the funnel and most of them won't convert. So if I get 100 leads and only 2.5% convert all the way to sale, I've actually spent $1,000 before I even get to the second stage, even though my cpa is $100 and my estimated conversion is(2.5 people). That makes my actual customer acquisition cost(filling in the gaps by assuming 50% convert from trial to sale) $700. Remember, I was trying to get that number to $100.

    I tried running this exercise. It seems like it could easily lead to dangerous decisions when those numbers aren't understood. Can Alan clarify this?

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