Quick Google Tag Manager Introduction | Lesson 1

Quick Google Tag Manager Introduction | Lesson 1

This is our first lesson of the Google Tag Manager for Beginners training series. Today, we will give you a quick introduction to Google Tag Manager. You will discover why it makes sense to install, what marketing tags are, and how you can quick deploy them with GTM.

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45 thoughts on “Quick Google Tag Manager Introduction | Lesson 1

  1. lolo rey Coworking EOI-IGAPE

    is possible track links into emails of Active Campaign Automation and send this "event" to Google Tag Manager using this tip?. E.g i send a email automation AC with a link to download a PDF hosted in my WordPress Library (and i can´t track it), so, i want track as a goal this download of PDF, but i don´t know if it is possible through this tip. Thanks!!

  2. Ivan Stoyanov

    What if you have already installed google analytics and facebook pixel on your Shopify store and you want to start using Google tag manager? Do you need to uninstall them first, then install Google tag manager and reinstall analytics and pixel through tag manager?

  3. Jason Thorne

    When I got my Google Tag Manager scripts from the site, I was given one <script> to go in the <head> and one <noscript> to go in the <body>. You show these no/scripts together in the body, and in reverse order. Have things changed with the deployment?

  4. Sumeet Kumar Official

    You're doing such a wonderful job. All the resources that you've made and Sharing through YouTube it's every easy to understand all the factors and usage of GA and GTM and all that you've shared.
    I appreciate Your efforts and love of sharing for your online viewers. Thanks again and God Bless you. :):):):):)

  5. Jan Christian

    Hi. This is a great tutorial and easy to understand it, following all the steps, but I have a frustration here 😢. I'm trying to create a tag manager, I have an acc with Google Analytics, I created the container, I have the ID number. When I get to the point to create a new tag, I get the tag configuration , I choose Universal Analytics, then it's when I have the problem…., I don't have the option to put the Tracking ID in the tag config. It only appears "tracking type" and "google analytics settings", but not for tracking ID area to put it in. I've been breaking my head trying to figure it out why this is happening, doing everything possible , but no results .Does anybody have an idea to help me out with this?. Thank you very much in advance .Jan

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