Shopify Tutorial Custom Collections Page using Sections Debut Theme

Shopify Tutorial Custom Collections Page using Sections Debut Theme Create a custom page section in Shopify using debut theme. Easily create a Landing page in Shopify with your custom content by adding a section to the page in customize theme.Learn how to Setup the Debut Theme Start a free trail of Shopify and follow along



43 thoughts on “Shopify Tutorial Custom Collections Page using Sections Debut Theme

  1. Kevin King

    Just add a section at the top of the page template for a slide show. You may have to create a duplicate with a new name of an existing slide show section template from the theme. Put it above page content {% section 'slide' %} then page content will be on next line{{ page.content }}

  2. Tyler G

    Kevin this is awesome, I do however have a question on this.
    Im using the same copy and past method on the Simple Theme.
    It appears that everything has worked except when I add collections it does not show them. Any help would be awesome.
    This theme does not have a custom collection option to choose.

  3. Calum Robertson

    Can someone PLEASE help! I have successfully added two custom pages using the tutorial- they work perfectly. I am now trying to add another and cannot get further than replacing the code for the new template – once I have done this and hit save i get this error message –
    This file contains the following errors:
    Line 1 — Liquid syntax error: Error in tag 'section' – Valid syntax: section '[type]'

    I have been back over my notes, the tutorial and even the code on the successful custom pages.  NOTHING is working

    Any help would be greatly appreciated – I am going out of my mind!!

    thanks in advance

  4. Northern Saunas

    Kevin, first off thanks for that video that was very helpful. I was wondering if it was possible for us to add all the sections available for the home page to the custom template (Newsletter, slideshow, maps, image with text, gallery, etc.) If so do you know how exactly to proceed ? Thanks in advance.

  5. SmileFinds Shopping

    Thanks but the names "custom or my customs" used in the video makes it confusing to get a grasp how these objects (pages/section) work. It could have been better with real product categories such as shirts or bags.
    I had to do trial and error to get the correct the name right on the address bar and the Title in my pages.
    Anyway, thanks again.

  6. Luke Wolk

    Thanks Kevin, this was very helpful! Liked/Subbed!
    PS. For some reason, if added picture (justification left, 50%) and then text (justification right, 50%) which would display nicely in 1 line, once changed in width (desktop -> mobile) it not work responsively, it doesn't push the text below picture just shrinks both of them, any advice?

  7. Ankit Sharma

    Can this be done on "product-template.liquid" I wish to add a "custom content" at the bottom of the product page. Can you suggest a tutorial? I can guess how it should be done after watching this but it's better I follow some tutrial 🙂

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