Slack Tutorial: How to Slack Like A Pro In Less Than 5 Minutes

Slack Tutorial: How to Slack Like A Pro In Less Than 5 Minutes

do you use slack to communicate with your coworkers? a lot of startup companies and entrepreneurs have trouble communicating with their employees or assistants. here’s a handful of tips you can use to save time and take full advantage of all its features.


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skip around:
0:36 – efficiency
1:18 – messaging
2:36 – preferences
3:34 – general

eat tacos xo



46 thoughts on “Slack Tutorial: How to Slack Like A Pro In Less Than 5 Minutes

  1. Mountain Man

    Noah have you tried Canjeero? It's an Ethiopian cuisine. Once I get my sh*t together, then hit that Rockstar valuation ($100m). I'll hopefully meet you one day; in one of your event/talks. Sounds slightly spooky, but it's all love from London.

  2. Alain L.

    Love Slack. Very clean and simple layout. I would highly recommend Quip as a more comprehensive option that will allow you to never use email, excel, word, or many other ancillary apps ever again! It's very user friendly, clean, simple, and has tons of apps and tools within it to essentially make any kind of document within a single sheet and allow for broad group contribution. Engineers from Facebook and Google partook in its creation and it's quite clear.

  3. macleadg

    Sounds like you have to learn a whole bunch of cryptic, old-school commands: greater-than this; comma that; colon or bracket the other thing. You can use it from any box? Well, you can do that with text messaging, Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, e-mail, etc., so how is that a big deal?

    I already have too many means of communication; why would I want another? I think Slack would only ADD time to my day. Unless the whole world suddenly moves to it, I'll still have to check all my current InBoxes, tweets, FB, LinkedIn, etc. Plus I'd have to persuade a whole team of people to use it.

    Maybe I'm just too old & set in my ways to see the value. I'm open to an explanation, but right now I just don't see how Slack would save me time or simplify anything; seems like it does the opposite.

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