Squarespace vs Shopify for eCommerce Websites

Squarespace vs Shopify for eCommerce Websites

Squarespace vs Shopify for eCommerce Websites — which one is better for you? In this video, I’m comparing these two platforms to see which one might be a better for your business ecommerce website.

Squarespace and Shopify are pretty comparable in terms of pricing. In terms of design, Squarespace is a winner, but Shopify wins for shop features!

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10 thoughts on “Squarespace vs Shopify for eCommerce Websites

  1. Jordan Spencer Newell

    so this is what ive been feeling is my concern atm, i have a clothing brand . I use square space because my brand is small and i am just now starting to sell items. the thing that standouts out on shopify is the dropshipping services ,although squarespace does have an option to beable to integrate 3rd party apps. i know this isn't a question really however this is a tough decision i will have to make on my own and Thank you for making this video

  2. Joel Alcazar

    Awesome video! Thank you so much for the information. I do have a question. My business is conducting physical classes that upon completion provide a certification. I want to build a website that people can go to to either pay for the class ahead of time, or put a down payment to reserve a spot. In the future I am looking to offer the whole class online complete with training videos and then the test, but for now I just want to provide the ability for my customers to pay. Which site do you feel would be better for my situation? I have no experience in creating a website. Also, I heard that squarespace does not accept PayPal. Is this true? Thank you very much for your time and help. Sorry for the long post.

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